Commissioner Dawn Pannell’s Mayoral Campaign Promise

Dawn Pannell (retired teacher) wants to be Shelton’s Mayor, but refuses (when queried) to admit she favors yet another dirty incinerator in the city’s heart.

City Administration's plans for your neighborhood

Dawn Pannell was born in Vallejo, California, but raised in Puyallup.  She is a member of the first graduating class of Gov. John Rogers High School in Puyallup.  After high school, she attended Oregon State University and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

Mrs. Pannell was formerly a paste-up artist for Fornier newspapers in Kent and a front-end manager and then assistant store manager for Mega Foods in Tumwater/Hawk’s Prairie.  In Shelton, she has worked as a first grade teacher for the Pioneer School District and was a bookkeeper/POS Coordinator for Prairie Market, a store that eventually became SuperValu and then found new life as the Civic Center.  She currently works as a barista and delivery driver at Lynch Creek Floral in Shelton.

In 2001, Mrs. Pannell was elected as Commissioner of Shelton. As Commissioner, she presides over City Commission Meetings, along with Mayor Tarrant and Commissioner Mike Byrne.  Together, they preside over the policy-making functions of the City of Shelton while representing the interests of Simpson (aka: the axe gang).

Shelton May Day


More Urban Decay under current Shelton Commissioners’ watch:

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