Debra (DJ) Lopez fights Human Trafficking, 1-14-12 interview

Angels In The Field’s (a non-profit) director, Debra Lopez, is on a mission from God. Sold at 14 by her successful mother who owned a NY boutique during their trip to India, she now, having survived 22 years of abuse, seeks to help others similarly afflicted/trapped. And she’s good at finding the victims, 18 and counting with 8 in Mason County/Shelton, Washington.

Having escaped her captors at a Texas Airport while acting as a drug ‘mule’, she chose Forks and Shelton because of their remoteness to hide from those who had harmed her. She bears the emotional and physical scars from her ordeal but had begun to heal through her faith and counseling sessions. Her bondage spanned continents from India, to Germany to Latin America and the U.S. After surviving 22 years of slavery in the international trafficking ring, Debra has reconciled by forgiving herself and her mother who is now very ill. Today, she is about to embark, with the support of the Baptist Church congregation and donors to this cause, on a journey to India, possibly Thailand, Africa, and wherever she is needed.

Indian embassy officials have instructed her not to speak to the press while visiting their country–an embarrassment they’d prefer to avoid for an India with a modern shiny democratic sheen to its current image. But Debra has become a strong woman who speaks eloquently and passionately in her commitment to those unfortunates whose ranks she only recently departed. Buoyed up by her Faith and her determination, she’s now a woman to be reckoned with.

Her ministry can receive donations through the Shelton 1st Baptist Church on Cota or by visiting her website:

This interview of Debra Lopez was conducted in the Shelton Baptist Church on 1-14-12 after her presentation during a well attended Saturday evening worship service. Donations were made in anticipation of her leaving as soon as her visa arrived. Ms. Lopez’s message rings loud and true, aimed at those with enough compassion to reach out toward the marginalized, reviled, and forgotten in their struggle to survive from one day to the next.

Debra Speaks Out against Human Trafficking, shares deep wounds/healing.

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