Fresh Start Hosts Urban Folk Review 9-6-14


Shelton, WA. — Fresh Start Market Deli @ 2810 E Spencer Lake Rd, Shelton, WA 98584, (360) 462-4620 provides a musical venue every Saturday evening beginning at 6:00 pm with open mic every other week.


Pizzas, drinks, and good cheer await here


Dill, chives, oregano for the palate & soul


Comfrey, squash run amok


Then maybe on to oregano to gather your hops


Thyme for home grown tomatoes


Cook’s Garden


Rhubarb to cleanse the palate and nourish the soul






Mint–lemon balm?




Last week they hosted Urban Folk Review which consisted of Ron Nelson and Kathy Jonas from Mason County accompanied by Heather Wood from Olympia.

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All three singers accompanied their solos with guitar plus Ron was handy with his harmonica as he emulated Bob Dylan’s style and music. All had great voices which weren’t done justice by the inferior sound system and mics. If the video you hear sounds like it was done from the next room, that’s why. The venue was intimate and the room was small with no stage. Some of the patrons sat outside on this balmy night where speakers relayed the performance to the patio.

IMGP8260crp IMGP8259crp IMGP8339

Most of the performance consisted of solos with a few harmony pieces thrown together. Ron’s voice had a rich resonance, Kathy’s had an incredible range, and Heather belted out one number that showcased her verve and spontaneity in interpreting musical phrasing. Adeline, a 7-year old girl, takes the stage at one point to sing an impromptu number she composed on the spot. Adeline displayed no stage nervousness, having been exposed to it through her mother (Heather) as a professional musician since birth.


Budding Diva

Adeline2crp Adeline1crp

The audience joined in for all the traditional folk tunes familiar to them. A good time was had by everyone and the venue is to be recommended each Saturday evening for those who can make it. The pizzas were good, the atmosphere pleasant. There was no cover charge.


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