Karens Hijack Tumwater Historical Park Playground II

(Updated & Appended w/911 Audio 7-8-20)

Lacey Halleck (37) and Katie Schilling assault (threaten), bully, and intimidate elderly journalist photographing children at play in Tumwater Historical Park until he moves to defend himself, whereupon they morph into their full Karen mode screaming “Pedophile!” as they vainly try to organize an impromptu lynch mob until the police arrive.

The Tumwater Police do explain the journalist’s 1st Amendment rights (photography is not a crime; children have no more right to privacy in public than adults) but quietly indicate common cause with the assailants and refuse to refer the journalist’s criminal complaint against the perpetrators to the prosecuting attorney, Lacey Halleck can be heard screaming and shouting smashing the camera strapped to the journalist’s neck isn’t “violence”, but admits her assault and violation of his civil rights on camera–and then publishes it on her FaceBook page in an ongoing campaign of criminal harassment to “make you famous,” she says.

Lacey’s true intent, demonstrably, is to organize a virtual lynch mob online to continue the criminal harassment until the journalist is murdered or frightened into submission to her will–the very essence of coercion and terrorism increasingly common on our streets often directed at journalists.

The Karens clearly understand what they are doing as they continue to organize their online lynch mob now circulating amongs thousands of hysterical drama queens and kings:


It worked, in principle, on Emmet Till. ANTIFA finds it equally useful using the term “Nazi” to justify attacking their street victims.

All one need do is slander the victim’s character to diminish their stature to sub-human proportions–your basic war propaganda strategy. Prosecuting attorneys successfully and routinely use this tactic when they don’t have sufficient evidence to convict.

Because of the lethal potential of the Karen’s ongoing online campaign of criminal harassment, an unusual condition will be applied to this post/video. Comments were closed, at least on Youtube, because the most scurrilous are difficult or impossible to remove there. but not here.

Rational non-threatening posts accompanied by responsible identities will be accepted here and regular updates will be posted, as litigation (including criminal prosecution of the Karens) winds its way through the courts seeking a rather large sum from the defendants which looks like it will include FaceBook. Stay tuned. Constructive suggestions are appreciated.

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2 Responses to Karens Hijack Tumwater Historical Park Playground II

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    Take them for everything they own. Instigating mob violence is not acceptable in a modern society. Shame on the police for denying you your rights. Noone who knows you would believe their false accusations for one second.

  2. Melody Pfenning says:

    Let me say,
    After much open dialogue with the man accused of this awful stuff. It is my belief that he is innocent and a journalist wrongfully accused. I pray it all gets sorted out the way it’s supposed to.

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