Karens Hijack Tumwater Park Playground (6-30-20)

Should the internet/social media have a real/virtual wall erected barring all adults save those accompanied by a child? Lacey Halleck, Ashley Yiannatji, Katie Schilling, et ux would have you believe so. Lacey is actually circulating a petition to that affect for all public children’s playgrounds.

Karens Hijack Tumwater Park Playground

Mayhem & Death Threats

Lacey Halleck’s Online Lynch Mob

TO:      Pete Kmet, Mayor (360)754-4120  fax:(360)754-4138

Tumwater City Council & Manager  (360)754-4120 fax:(754-4138
            Melody Valiant, City Clerk (360)252-5488/(360)754-5855 x-238
            Police Chief Jon Weiks  (360)754-4200 fax:(360)754-4198
            Police Commander Jay Mason  (360)754-4200 fax:(360)754-4198
            Patrol Sergeant Chuck Liska. (360)754-4200
            Officer Brandt Baker, #31
            Officer Stacy Brown, #24
            Officer Friedrich Jaeger, #30
            Officer Oran Thompson, #16
            Laura Wohl, Police Admin Mngr (360)754-4213/(360)704-2740
            City of Tumwater
            555 Israel Rd, SW, Tumwater, WA 98501

All of you above, but particularly officers Baker, Brown, Jaeger, Thompson, and Chief Weiks (who I asked to speak to days ago) should take notice I take exception to key elements in your report of the above referenced incident because of what you mischaracterized in it, but even more for what you omitted to gratify your own biases, gender prejudices, and baseless suspicions in the face of a clear instance of now continuing criminal harassment that includes organizing a virtual lynch mob that the Tumwater PD effectively aided and abetted as seen in the evidence I’ve accumulated from my own criminal investigation of the assault and criminal harassment that occurred and was reported very shortly thereafter.

My assailant has publicly admitted she made true threats of violence against me while only a foot from my person, but argues it was lawful since she only threatened to smash the camera I had strapped around my neck into the ground for taking pictures of a park playground filled with children playing in it.  My assailant also admits/claims she frightened my wife who left when  Lacey Halleck approached me in a menacing manner and then threatened me.  To make matters worse, a second party present with her at the time has joined her in circulating the claim I am a pedophile based on the tone, language, confidential information furnished, and demeanor the officers displayed while in her presence out of earshot.

Accordingly, I am file attaching Lacey Halleck’s public declaration of that exchange to confront the responding officers with to ask if it’s a true representation either in whole or in part.

I sincerely advise your officers to be transparent and truthful with me because Sergeant Chuck Liska was not when I called to file a criminal complaint I insisted be referred to the prosecuting attorney for Tumwater or Thurston District Court.  He refused to do so, disassembling that “no crime had been committed” because, he averred, Lacey Halleck had not succeeded in stopping me from photographing the playground…which is not true and I said so.

Liska then went into his intimidating detective mode by lying to me insisting your department had received NUMEROUS complaints about ME engaging in photographing children there in the past.  While that is hardly a crime, I immediately challenged Liska because I knew he was lying.  I’ve never photographed children in the Tumwater park in my life except on one occasion ~10 years ago involving my own daughter and grand daughter.  If this be a crime, make the most of it.

I’d welcome the opportunity to expose yet another lying cop trying to intimidate a citizen.

I’m well aware case law permits police to lie to the public/suspects, but not vice versa.  Still, the majority of the public isn’t even faintly conscious of this fact when they place their trust in the integrity of LEO’s truthfullness and exercising good judgment.

Liska neatly segued into “Well, we’ve gotten a lot of complaints about photographers taking pictures of children,” to brush off being caught in such a brazen allegation against me. He repeatedly refused to refer my criminal complaint to the prosecuting attorney and sneered I’d have difficulty finding a judge to sign an order referring it under current virus sequestration.

This attitude from a 26 year veeteran police officer is cut from the same typical cop arrogance as, “Yeah, you may beat the rap–but you won’t beat the ride!”

Current events reveal the public is fed up with this kind of arrogance and double standard. As well, Karens are obviously confident they can leverage their white gender privilege against minorities and men in general.  As the ANTIFA street thugs scream “Nazi” before bloodying their victims it would appear your officers are inclined to merely substitute the term “pedophile” toward the same baseless end! Shame on it.

Every one of you should know the woman officer who spoke with me for several minutes at the scene excused the Karens who had threatened me by opining she had been on the sex offender squad for 7 years and that SOME MEN took pictures of children at parks, then took the photos home and masturbated to them.

In the flush of the moment, I hardly knew what to say other than, “Well, I can’t speak for all the perverts out there.  I really don’t understand them.”  I went on to explain how vital journalists were to our nation (reflecting on being near the eve of the 4th of July) but were under increasing physical attack, as here, from almost every quarter with the police often turning a blind eye to it if not actually deliberately engaged in it.

Looking back on it now, I recognize the approach this woman officer took was designed to distract, embarrass, and intimidate me.

Lacey Halleck had screamed a series of hostile questions at me I’d refused to answer except one.  She asked me if I liked children.  I volunteered I had my own, and yes, I did like children.  Was I supposed to say I hated them?  Lacey chose that as a pretext to start screaming “Pedophile!  This man is a pedophile,” (as can be heard in the video clips) to all within earshot to organize a mob.

May I remind the Tumwater PD a mob is tantamount to a deadly weapon.  Lacey failed ONLY because there were insufficient numbers of adults to manifest as a mob.  Police cannot pretend to be ignorant of the danger mobs pose.  They’re fully aware of it.  Moreover, these officers were advised I had been attacked by a large mob (an anarchists convention held at TESC in the spring 2013) for having a camera while trying to cover it since it was advertised as a free public event.

I did not tell your officers I have a serious heart condition, diabetes, and am on blood thinners for the rest of my life.  If I am punched, I may well hemorrhage internally and bleed to death. i.e. be murdered.

Now, as a direct result of the confidential encouragement my assailant received at the hands of your officers, my photo and the video Lacey Halleck took has been circulated among thousands of internet recipients who have copied it and openly brag about the mayhem, or worse, they wish to visit upon me.  I’ve included the same as file attachments for you to examine at your leisure.  Inasmuch as your officers kicking the can down the road amounted to a dereliction of duty under the totality of circumstances,

How do you propose you are going to remedy this?  Yeah–some things aren’t remedial, are they?–like death!

These officers are inadequately trained.  I asked they explain where the boundaries of the law were and discourage the Karens from violating the civil rights of journalists.  They did not do so. Instead, your officers covertly kicked the coals into the grass and fanned the flames.  It has now sparked a forest fire on the internet…or, as they say, gone viral.

Did your officer run the plates of a vehicle I don’t own as Lacey Halleck claims in her online statement?–and then share the results of that with her?  Did one of your officers tell Lacey Halleck I was being investigated so they could ‘do something about me’?  If so, just what do you plan on doing?–making photography or failure to yield to drama queens a crime?

I want a meeting with the mayor and the Chief–in a public venue.  That same park would be ideal.  I want a written explanation of the misconduct I’m reporting and an admission or denial of Lacey Halleck’s claims as to what she was told by these officers furnished to me IN WRITING!

I also want to take this occasion to request a copy of any notes officers made in writing or recorded of their conversation(s) with Lacey Halleck by any means including their body cams, if any, et ux.

I’d also be interested in Liska’s explanation for lying to me rather than cooperating with my criminal complaint request.

I do hope you understand this is a watershed moment in how this matter devolves.  Any further deception or lack of transparency by your staff/officers will be at the City’s own peril including referral to the U.S. Dept. of Justice and a civil rights complaint.

The evidence I’m file attaching was posted online by Lacey Halleck and Katie Schilling on their respective Facebook pages.  Accordingly, I’m requesting a copy of any materials or recordings you may have stemming from their recent involvement with me or the Tumwater Police.  I am currently still waiting for the audio recordings ASAP by the 911 Dispatcher called in that day of 6-30-20.

Ashley Yiannatji  (31) (DOB: 12-30-88)
fka: Ashley Nicole Monroe & Michael James Monroe
306 SE N ST, Tumwater, WA / 2446 Arnold St, Dupont, WA 98327 / 991 W. Lakeside Dr, Shelton 98584
3027 Gardenia Lane, SW, #8-304, Tumwater, WA 98512-6059  
1601 16th Ct, SE, #B, Lacey, WA 98503
Lucas Michael Yiannatji (34) (DOB: 10-21-85)

The following photos are a few pictures of the dissembling Ashley Yiannatji Karen’s children she publicly distributes while simultaneously asserting photographer’s who might take pictures of them in a public park are somehow ‘dirty’ old men or ‘pedophiles’:

Said to be Legal in all 50 states.

See:  https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10156950583736879&set=a.479493506878

See:  Lacey Halleck
Lacey Halleck ATTENTION ALL THURSTON COUNTY PARENTS: On 6/30/20 This man was sitting at The Tumwater Historical Park taking v…
See:  https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10156950583736879&set=a.479493506878

  • Bitty PikeOh my gosh Lacey. . That is so scary. Good for you for standing up to him. Please let me know if everything’s okay when you can. 6
  • Rachel SiresWow what a weirdo!!!! Thank you for sharing! What ended up happening once the cops showed up? Did they make him delete the pictures? “Yes, I was taking pictures of the Scenery well and the kids”. To do what with you sick ass?!?!?!2
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    • Lacey HalleckRachel Sires legally he was able to keep the pics. He was purposely watching the zip line because the wind would sometimes blow up some of the kids’ shirts a little and expose their tummies. Such a sicko.11
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    • Rachel SiresLacey Halleck wow what a freak!!!!!1
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  • Madison BundyAbsolutely disgusting.. Glad you called him out though, that kind of behavior is NEVER okay!4
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  • Tosha Lynn GreeneOmg! Way to go Lacey kick his old ass I would of grabbed the camera and smashed it to pieces1
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    • Lacey HalleckTosha Lynn Greene the ONLY reason I didn’t was because I was a juror on a case where someone’s belongings were ruined and the guy got jail time. I didn’t want to go to jail.
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    • Tosha Lynn GreeneLacey Halleck ya and the messed up part is you probably would of been the one who did even tho you have every right too
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  • Sarah MastenFreaking creep! That struggle between wanting to shank a man and not wanting to go to jail is a very fine line.7
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    • Lacey HalleckSarah Masten seriously! I WANTED him to use that baton on me!
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    • Sarah MastenLacey Halleck I’m proud of you for showing restraint. It couldn’t have been easy. Pisses me off how easy they make it for creeps like him to prey on kids.2
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  • Rena SicklesWhat a pig. Why are there not laws on this? 800,000 kids go missing a year in the U.S., most likely into sex trafficking rings, and some old perv is just allowed to sit at a public playground (when he doesn’t even have kids of his own with him) and tak… See More9
  • Tammy McleodMay I share?1
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  • Linda R HalleckOh my gosh!!! How scary!! So glad your all okay!!!1
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  • Latricia KnoxEverybody needs to share this somebody should figure out who this sick disgusting pervert is I am so glad you called him out on it because maybe it will hinder any thoughts in his little pea brain because he knows that he’s on record and the police of already been called on him what a creep I’m sorry you had to go through that I can’t imagine the adrenaline rush and anxiety involved our laws are so backwards2
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  • Kathy Martin McKeanThis guy is sick what the hell… The police should have made him delete that right there1
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  • Lacey HalleckApparently he gets around but knows the laws so well that he skates that fine line.21
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  • Kelly WallinYou’re so brave! I’m proud of you!5
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  • Patricia CornLacey I just seen this sweetheart and what an ass, I have no idea why the police didn’t take his camera. I detest abusers like this who get away with this and I am so mad he got pictures of your sweet little girl I wish Chris would of been there with you when this happened. Makes it so mothers can’t take their children to parks or playgrounds there are to many perverts out and about. Giving you a warm hug and glad you got into this jerks face and stayed with it. Unbelieveable….  7
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  • Brandon KorpiBaton I would have shoved that up his…nevermind9
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  • Kristin CheatleyCall 2020!1
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  • Mary PogueThat’s scary. Great job mom. Protect those children.4
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  • Julie Chadbourne ElderDid the cop go thru his camera? I’m shocked they didn’t make him delete the ones of your daughter, Shame on them if they didn’t. Who know what kind of pics are on there. What a sicko!2
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    • Lacey HalleckJulie Chadbourne Elder nope. They can’t without a search warrant and with all the riots and antipolice stuff, they are all afraid to do anything remotely outside of the law right now. I don’t blame them.1
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  • Shauna Chambers-WashingtonDid you by chance look up sex offenders from that area to see if he matches any of them?11
  • Candy WatsonIt done came down to this when you can’t take your kids out for a walk in the park and the policeman don’t do a thing about sick peoples watching and taking pictures of Mother’s and children, what they wait until something happens before they made a move to take action, wow this is bull, I am proud of the kind of mother you are to protect your baby girl and others children, I wish I was there with you, I would have put the fear of God in him, and I will show this to others that’s not on Facebook to be watching for him and others that might be out there in case, thanks for sharing this. I am glad you all ok.3
  • Sandy DeFeoNext time call Shane
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    • Lacey HalleckSandy DeFeo he had ZERO fear of the 3 dads there and one was a very large man. The only person he was intimidated by was me and I believe its because I was loud and obviously angry. The men were standing behind me the whole time while this happened.5
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    • Bitty PikeLacey Halleck good for you for being brave enough to make a big deal out of this big deal. We need more people like you.6
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    • Lacey HalleckBitty Pike
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    • Shauna Chambers-WashingtonWhat baffles me is they tell you that you need permission to take a photo of someone else’s child and I get it’s in public so he can say he’s taking pictures of trees or what the heck ever but seriously, they couldn’t do anything such as banning him from that park or anything? I don’t get it and makes me frustrated that there’s people like this and no person should have their kids leave a park because of people like this instead they should be stopped and prevented. Did they at leas take a police report?3
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    • Lacey HalleckShauna Chambers-Washington yes, they are developing a case.3
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  • Jill Lyon FergusonEww… that gives me all sorts of heebie jeebies.1

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This is so sick!! And so sad, that our precious children are no longer even safe at a friggin park?!!! Urge!!!! Gosh this makes me literally sick to my stomach! This man was not!! Held accountable for being g an OPEN!!! Pedo!!!!!!!! We need to spread awareness to this y’all!! Oh my gosh this poor mother was literally!!! Telling the cops everything and this man even admitted to taking pictures of little kids?!!!!! What in God’s name is happening to our world?! I wanna move!!!

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Diana PerryOlympia Neighbor to Neighbor

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Diana Perry

Tammy Foust-Stutes

Watch out for this creepy CHIMOS

Tiffany Stewart

This guy is a PERVERT!! Sitting at the park that we like to take our kids to in Tumwater recording lil kids.

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Wes WestasticStewart Duncan Mat Duncan Anyone know this pervert from Shelton?

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Richard J Weza

Ummm Yalls might want to read RCW 9.41.270 which addresses brandishing an object used to intimidate another. This is a Gross Misdemeanor. I would have told the Man, with all due respect, in a non threatening manner, “Sir I will shove that baton up your A**e”

Amanda Koehn-Begley

When Anastasia was a year old, I had an old man approach us as we were picking blueberries at a blueberry farm and ask if he could take a photo of her. I was still pretty ignorant about beasts like these and allowed him to. I’ve learned a lot since then that old men who want to take photos of strangers children are not so innocent in their reasons why.

Colleen M Messinger

Another one.. After talking to someone who had known this guy, I don’t believe this guy is a pedo.. BUT, he enjoys harrassing woman.. he is known for doing as such.. I won’t stop reposting, until he stops!! If he wants to push the envelope.. well sir, you’ve got an entire community who will go at no lengths for our children!!Show Attachment

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Linda Smith

Justice For Lindsey Baum

This mother is a HERO

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Tasha Nicole

Take notes parents and smash the effing camera- check the comments to see he had already done it previously. He walks away with your child’s image and then what? You want to change something? Change the laws that benefit creeps like this


Kiley Beliveau

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********* BEWARE MOMS/DADS ***********4 Comments1

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Linda J QuesnellRachael Kendall

There is a creep out there in Thurston County. The guy can be easily identified by the pictures. Beware

Shiela Kaliman

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Unfortunately it is legal to take pictures of someone who is in a public place. There is no expectation of privacy at a park. Which also means his photo and video can be circulated. That doesn’t means he’s not a sick fuck though. And the baton is brandishing a weapon and threatening idiot harm. That’s a fine line. Just remember, of you fear for your life or your kids life, you can defend yourself. Growing up I heard, never throw the first punch but make damn sure you throw the last.Show Attachment

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I’d love for someone to knock this guy out. Dylan Rayment how about you and some buddies go hang out at the park and wait for him


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Watch out for this man. Hanging in parks taking pictures of children

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April Brown

JutSpltym s1o ntosat rsmon3crcn:16us denePdfSM  · 


Tami Erskine


Kassylena Rae Lilley

Continue to share this is sick and if I ever saw someone video or taking pictures of my son id go all mama bear out on them

Delfina Bright

Johny Walker

Suzi Hatcher and Dawn Surprenant-Chatwood

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This is disturbing and our laws need to change if this man was taking pictures and video’s of kids and the police couldn’t look at the pictures or delete them then that’s just so wrong and yet another reason I want to move out if this state

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Sick-o!Show Attachment


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Ashley Yiannatji

This guy has been caught multiple times taking inappropriate pictures of young women and children! This incident was at Tumwater Falls Historical Park, let’s all keep an eye out for creepers, and if something feels wrong it probably is! Be careful and watch your babies close

Mary Ann Karns


Jayme Andrew


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Kelly Diane Wright Sims

It has been brought to this moms attention that he takes pics and video tapes of all ages. Even women in bikinis bent over.

Robin Taylor

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Brenda Don

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Tumwater area, keep your kids close. This man was taking pics of children at the park. One of them being my cousin.

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Shantel Douglas

Locals! Beware.Show Attachment



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21 Responses to Karens Hijack Tumwater Park Playground (6-30-20)

  1. Sarah Diaz says:

    Isn’t this from the guy taking the pictures? What a disgusting man I hope someone can doxx him

  2. Sarah says:

    If an old disgusting man can figure out a wordpress site then I wonder what he’s doing with the pictures he’s taken.

  3. admin says:

    Hey, did you check out the playground video? You’ll notice the Karens don’t mind publishing photos of their children on FB for all the world’s “pedophiles” to see & copy.

    Reading the comments, a number of the hysterical Drama Queens advocate for beating men even present near a playground, camera or not. The real truth starts to emerge as to what men’s true social status has become in America: Perverts w/wallets! From Father Knows Best to this!

    I saw the thin edge of this wedge years ago (mid 80’s) at TESC while enrolled there. I had my two small children living with me in the ASH while attending classes. Child care was always a hurdle. But there was a campus student funded women’s center (and a men’s center too) that offered volunteer powered child care during public events held on campus so parents could attend.

    I decided to stop by the women’s center and volunteer. The woman I spoke with demurred saying they already had one volunteer (a male) of the two they needed and she would “never let two males be in charge of children by themselves.” Offended, I took this snippet of conversation to the men’s center. The young guys there looked at each other with shock & disbelief. Let’s just say they had an epiphany of what their future held.

    So here we are today, 35 years thereafter with ANTIFA and Karens cruising the boulevards deciding who can be there and who cannot by the unfettered brilliance of their own lights, hysteria, labeling, bigotry, and violence. And woe betides the journalist who attempts to document it & publish the same or even the simple virtues of a day in the park with children playing.

    One can only wonder what filth resides in the minds of the accusers…women, for the most part…given the percentage of convicted registered pedophiles that are women who often work in our grade schools. Mary Kay LeTourneau comes to mind, but there are many others with less notoriety. The more important point is these aberrations have nothing to do with public photography. It has everything to do with bigotry and the bogeymen Karens carry around in their own minds like credit cards.

  4. admin says:

    Thurston Leaders Unite Against Vigilantism
    June 19, 2020
    We, elected leaders in Thurston County, oppose the presence of armed vigilantes patrolling our
    In recent weeks, organized armed groups have escalated an already tense situation, carrying
    both lethal and less-than-lethal weapons in an intimidating fashion.
    These vigilantes, including groups known as American Wolf, Proud Boys and Three-Percenters,
    use the rhetoric of “peace keeping.” However, their actions do not align with their words. They
    have created a climate of fear for our residents, particularly residents of color, local businesses,
    and all who are nonviolently protesting against police brutality and centuries of racial injustice.
    Their presence has not contributed positively in any way to the protests.
    We acknowledge the pattern of armed self-appointed “peace keepers” is historically how
    paramilitary forces gain control of local areas during times of national instability such as the
    times we are living through now.
    We encourage residents to look beyond the surface rhetoric of “peace keeping” and research
    the actions and political ties of these organizations to understand their intentions for our
    community and country. In a time of multiple local, national and global crises, we know we are
    stronger together when we live our shared values of diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and
    community beauty.
    We have heard concerns about law enforcement cooperation with non-permitted militia activity.
    We affirm this is unacceptable. ​Any appearance of indifference or camaraderie further erodes
    fragile relationships between the public and law enforcement, and jeopardizes the entire
    community’s safety.
    The tactics of intimidation and fear have no place in Thurston County. We reject the presence of
    armed vigilantes, and find their actions contrary to our shared interest in keeping Thurston
    County a safe place to live, work and do business.
    We call on business, faith, nonprofit and neighborhood leaders to do the same.
    Denny Heck, ​Congressman, 10th District
    Sam Hunt, ​Senator, 22nd District
    Beth Doglio, ​Representative, 22nd District
    Laurie Dolan, ​Representative, 22nd District
    Tye Menser, ​Thurston County Commissioner
    Mary Hall, ​Thurston County Auditor
    Steven Drew, ​Thurston County Assessor
    Jeff Gadman, ​Thurston County Treasurer
    Joe Downing, ​Commissioner, Port of Olympia
    EJ Zita, ​Commissioner, Port of Olympia
    Cheryl Selby, ​Olympia Mayor
    Jessica Bateman, ​Olympia Mayor Pro Tem
    Jim Cooper,​ Olympia City Council
    Clark Gilman, ​Olympia City Council
    Dani Madrone, ​Olympia City Council
    Lisa Parshley, ​Olympia City Council
    Renata Rollins, ​Olympia City Council
    Andy Ryder, ​Lacey Mayor
    Cynthia Pratt, ​Lacey Deputy Mayor
    Carolyn Cox, ​Lacey City Council
    Malcolm Miller, ​Lacey City Council
    Michael Steadman, ​Lacey City Council
    David Watterson, ​Tenino City Council
    Joan Cathey, ​Tumwater Mayor Pro Tem
    Michael Althauser, ​Tumwater City Council
    Leatta Dahlhoff, ​Tumwater City Council
    Tom Oliva, ​Tumwater City Council
    Debbie Sullivan, ​Tumwater City Council
    Eileen Swarthout, ​Tumwater City Council
    Molly Carmody, ​Yelm City Council
    Scott Clifthorne, ​Olympia School Board
    Maria Flores, ​Olympia School Board
    Hilary Seidel, ​Olympia School Board

  5. admin says:

    Melissa Godoy says:
    I encouraged the lady you are harassing, to forward any social media made about her, to an investigator. You do not photograph children that do not belong to you. And if you have anything to say about that, let the police station know what a pedophile you are.

  6. Nic says:

    I’ve understand you had a right to take the pictures legally but I don’t fully understand why you would want to take pictures of other people’s children. I’ve read most of your blog post on the subject and a bit on Facebook but what I haven’t seen from the information is why you went to the park to take pictures in the first place. Also when your daughter was little would you feel comfortable with someone taking their pictures?

    • admin says:

      I absolutely would and did so long as my children were with a supervising adult. They were raised to understand where the boundaries lie and to be mindful of them. They were warned not to do things in public (picking their nose) that would embarrass them. It’s not much of a leap of imagination except, of course, in the minds of Karens as can be easily observed here.

      Everything about this witch hunt smacks of the thought police and is obviously and egregiously discriminatory against men, not that men are surprised by it after so many years of stereotyping and profiling. It’s getting to the point where I seek (and advise all men to follow suit when going out in public) an escort before venturing out, as I did here. My wife was with me but was so intimidated by the violence she saw she waited from a distance.

      Lacey Halleck’s witch hunt and lynch mob (“make me famous”) continues on FB, which is why I’m seriously considering including them as defendants in a million dollar lawsuit. They cannot claim common carrier status while simultaneously censoring content. Melissa Marie Goday and Lacey Halleck openly engage in hate speech when they, et ux, falsely label me as a pedophile, support threats of violence against me yet FB refuses to take the hate speech down pursuant to their ‘community guidelines’ yet warns me (Godoy couldn’t take the blowback from me) when I posted and accused her of perverting America.

      We now live in a quantum world of indeterminate reality. At some critical tipping point, we will lose our republic to the mobs.

      • Nic says:

        I have a couple thoughts on your reply but do not have your gift for words so bare with me.
        1. For the record I would have as big of a problem with a women take pictures of my children without asking as I would of a man. Your sex isn’t really an issue for me and not the reason I got interested in this. I cannot speak for the others but know if you were a women I would still be concerned.
        2. I still don’t really understand what was you original motivation for taking the pictures. A lot of crazy things are legal but that doesn’t mean you should do them. You can tell me you had a right to all day long but that doesn’t explain your reasoning in doing so.
        3. Have you considered some people have good reasons for not wanting pictures of them children published? I know you argued above that parents shared you blog and that means that didn’t have a problem sharing their child’s picture but for a moment let’s talk about a hypothetical child that you could have pictured while there. For instances I have a friend whose former spouse has lost custody because of domestic violence issues and she has moved to Olympia to keep herself safe and put distances between her child and him. She hasn’t told many people where she moved to try to keep herself safe. What if you posted a picture of the child and the father did an image search? Yes, I did read your blog on domestic violence witch hunts but this was not what happened with this case. Side note I do agree domestic violence goes both ways.
        4. Do you understand why the parents have concerns?

        For the record I really am trying to understand your point of view in a fair way and I don’t feel like I have joined any mobs.

        • admin says:

          Many conflicts arise when competing interests vie for recognition. In those instances, a delicate balance must be achieved without destroying the fact the U.S. Constitution IS the supreme law of the land.

          In some ways, the video production offered here speaks for itself. You challenge my decisions based on the actual facts surrounding this case with the hypothetical. e.g. A virtual lynch mob now actually exists, its potential for murder and future damages is incalculable. It is based on a lie, falsely labeling me as a “pedophile” when, in fact, I am a patriot, not a pedophile.

          The video demonstrates this false flag strategy was deliberate as you literally see its impromptu genesis when I’m asked if I like children. Am I supposed to say, no, I hate children? When I answer in the affirmative, a cacophony erupts screaming I am a “pedophile”. The man provoking me then asks if I enjoy frightening children. It is readily apparent this is all an impromptu setup and a deliberate one at that.

          Perhaps Trump has persuaded the less noble among us that accuracy in news/public statements is less important than how effective they are? Before you kill a dog, first you call it “pedophile”? You can literally see this strategy evolving before your eyes in the video.

          Lacey Halleck says, “Don’t worry, I’m going to make you famous,” in the video. That notoriety is now well underway, while Lacey continues to fan the flames despite being informed where the legal boundaries we’re discussing lie by the very police officers she summoned, thousands of shares and comments later complete with threats of death and mayhem. This is the quintessential definition of a Karen as much as the white woman responsible for the murder of Emmet Till.

          Nobody said to me, “Please, my ex-whatever threatened to kill me/my child. Please don’t let him find me/us.” It didn’t go down that ay at all. It was YOU MUST HAVE MY PERMISSION TO PHOTOGRAPH MY CHILD IN A PUBLIC PARK! I repeatedly and accurately advised that was not true. The police confirmed it.

          You may be interested to know I have been an independent business licensed citizen journalist and investigative reporter in Washington State for many years (Soul Snatcher Productions).

          Some years ago, I reported a violent repeat offending Black man (previously convicted of the same offense) beating an Olympia Transit driver on camera for asking him to leave the bus. I posted the video and audio of that beating on the Mason County Blog along with photos of the man and his earlier home and family in order to identify a dangerous public menace and warn the public as the courts had given him only a slap on the wrist for the same behavior in his last conviction.

          Several weeks later, I get a phone call. It turns out to be his sister. She wants me to remove the pictures of her and her kids. Naturally disinclined to give up editorial control to anybody, I start to demur. She then shifts her tone from demanding to plaintive. She now explains she works as an undercover federal agent for the DEA and lives as a Black woman in a neighborhood controlled by gangs and the drug cartel. She is afraid of reprisals if the gangsters are able to recognize her kids, her or where she lives. She asks me to remove the photos showing the interior of her home as well.

          I consider the story, the public’s interest and right to know who the man is with the habit of beating people and public employees on the street. I decide knowing who the man’s immediate relatives are or where they live is not really the core newsworthiness of my piece. BUT, I want to clarify my position with the federal DEA agent calling me on the phone. I tell her, “I’m going to accommodate you at my discretion and pursuant to my journalistic ethics, not because I have to. Do you understand that?”

          She did, and I removed the photos never to hear from her again. She quickly expressed no sympathy with her brother or concern about what sentence he might receive. She seemed to agree he was a violent man and should be removed from the streets.

          Illustrations are windows to understanding. Do you now have a better more intuitive grasp of who I am? I’m a patriot, not a pervert. Children do not arouse me, but I take comfort in their innocence and beauty as any artist would. They often serve to remind me of my own mortality and make each ensuing day all the more precious. I did not engage any child in the park although my wife did. You can see that if you carefully watch the video.

          I completely reject the premise I am required to seek the permission of the subjects I choose to photograph in a public setting. That is a bridge too far and completely destroys my editorial independence were I forced to suck up to my subjects in order to report on and photograph them. I simply won’t do it. Faces are the core of my journalistic style in what I report.

          You may havre noted by now the pretext of Lacey Halleck’s and Katie Schilling’s histrionics ring pretty hollow given the number of public photos of their own children they’ve publicly circulated? But rationality has never truly served as a bar for Karens, now has it?

          When ANY of us venture onto the streets, we leave our privacy bubble behind. We can be recognized, heard, smelled, assessed, studied, recorded, and photographed with NO expectation of privacy regardless of our age or intellect. It is not my job to provide remedial education for the less enlightened. Nor will I yield to their ill informed demands, libel, threats, or violence.

          Having said all of that, I have agreed, being a parent and a grandparent, parents may experience anxiety. Nevertheless, they must be reasonable in how they express that anxiety within the limits of the law, and discipline themselves as examples for their children and public safety. They may not appoint themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. The blood lust I’ve seen Lacey Halleck and Katie Schilling generate is appalling. I’m convinced they must be held accountable for it along with Facebook, though it’s apparent they consider it a walk in the park they own. Such is the arrogance and sense of entitlement of Karens.

          I don’t like all the laws. But I find myself obliged to comply with them. Were you in a position to alter the laws according to your own lights, which you emphatically are not, where would YOU draw the boundaries in our public venues? Would all persons be allowed to act on the natural right to see, hear, and smell what is in their presence?–or would you require they wear blinders/blindfolds, or stop up their ears as in some totalitarian regimes where journalists are routinely killed? Would men be given equal access to their senses in public venues? Would men/women be allowed to journal what their senses tell them in public venues? Could they do so with a pencil/pen and pad? Could they sketch what they see? Could they record what they hear in public? Could they type it? Could they photograph it? Could they videotape it? Could they discuss it afterward? Could they show what they journaled in public to others? Could they be made to answer questions about what purpose they intended for their journals or to identify themselves before journaling? Should they be prohibited from journaling (prior restraint) unless they satisfy some self appointed inquisitor or even public official as to their intended purpose of journaling? If so, is this not tantamount to the thought police? Should unalloyed thoughts alone be a crime? What would your world look like were crimes prohibiting thoughts enacted by our legislature?

          You suggest our children’s safety should take precedence over all else. I suggest the safety and privacy of our own thoughts should take precedence. While your suggestion, even in the abstract and realm of the hypothetical may preserve life, my suggestion serves to preserve our very souls without which, life is moot!

          • Nick says:

            Once again you failed to answer my original question tho. Why did you go to the park to take the pictures in the first place? After ready your blog I actually would disagree with others when they call you a pervert. I think you like thrive on controversy and negative attention. I believe you went to the park to take pictures banking on someone getting upset and you could set up this story. I wish you the best of luck in your future ventures and would say if you were there for any other reason you could simply explain to parents when your trying to capture and who you are. Filming children is a far cry from filming someone violently beating someone else and lastly just because we legally have the right to do something doesn’t mean we always should. Thank you for conversing with me. It was very interesting.
            Good Day,

          • admin says:


            I explained I needn’t be anyone in particular nor meet anyone’s litmus test to photograph/film in public. It’s also stated in the video. You’re being redundant. At this point, you’re being presumptuous and impertinent. Generally speaking, people are sane in playground areas. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen such violence or threats in a playground setting before. Lacey Halleck is a BLM SJW though, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised at her Karen nature.

            I went to the park expecting nothing unusual nor even children on a Tuesday. If I’d gone expecting a violent or heated confrontation, I’d have brought more than a baton. I’d also have been standing, not sitting down. Karen was so far out of line as to fall beyond criminal boundaries. You expecting me to justify why I chose to bring myself and wife to the park smacks of Karenhood. I don’t need your or anyone’s permission to go to the park, whether there are children there or not. The revelation you do appear to think some justification is owed says a lot about your sense of entitlement and even an assumption you’re entitled to be privy to my very thoughts leading to my choice. Nothing could be farther from the truth. That I felt like it is good enough, at least by my standards and that’s what I go by. There is absolutely nothing illegal about photography in a public place nor dirty about including children in those pictures except in the minds of perverts themselves. Are you one? If not, why are you so obsessed with the notion. Me thinkest thou and thy fellow Karens doth protesteth too much.

  7. admin says:

    Nikki Gatton
    John Smith I don’t know anything about that and won’t claim to but I do understand there is always two sides to every story. I was curious (if you don’t mind me asking) why you were taking pictures of other people’s children. I read your blog and know you feel your a journalist but even you have to admit typical journalist don’t go to parks and start filming children with no explanation. I’m truly trying to understand because as a parent this would upset me also and it clearly has caused you un due stress. Note: I am not trying to be offense either. I really am trying to understand.

    Response: Nikki Gatton, I appreciate that and invite you to seek a genuine dialogue on the Mason County Blog, which you say you read?…as a comment on the video production that includes real live footage of the incident, not only one party’s point of view. It is also a less toxic/cemsored forum than here. I’m quite serious about the issue, and though I didn’t set out to make it one when my wife and I decided to go to the park that day, it devolved into one, and as you can clearly see, I don’t back down on key principles and freedoms. What are they?
    Emmet Till
    Witch hunts
    Lynch Mobs, virtual or otherwise
    Virtual Homicide with the potential for actual homicide
    e.g. Pizzagate; the complete destruction of a Wenatchee child care center based on false allegations of child abuse/pedophilia
    Street violence & the increased targeting of photographers/journalists
    Constitutional freedoms/rights as a bulwark against the tyranny of the majority
    That the rule of law supersedes even strongly held opinions
    e.g. The burning of the American Flag, a detestable act protected under 1st Amendment guarantees; The right to criticize or photograph a public figure without being gunned down or assaulted in the streets;
    The INALIENABLE right to see & hear everything one witnesses in public without exception AND to journal/photograph it as well:
    that these rights are self evident and we are born with them, they do not flow from the largesse of government, nor are they granted to us by others. They are ours by natural right and bu virtue of the human condition. Nor do we ask/plead for what is ours–we TAKR it. For not to do so, to fail to regularly exercise those rights will cause us to lose them. It is our duty to preserve and protect them against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. If we can but do these things, we will preserve these freedoms to pass on to our children . May it ever be thus.

    I invite you to discuss these issues in a forum devoid of the mindless mobs, witch hunts, and censorship present on Facebook.

    • Karen says:

      As a parent who was there that day. I find it interesting that you didn’t post the video of me respectfully asking you to stop taking pictures of our kids. And agreeing knowing that it is your right, but understanding as a parent it is my right to protect my children from people whom I do not know taking pictures and not knowing what the intent is with those pictures. I am wondering why you wouldn’t just simply agree with my request instead of making a huge deal about it. There was never a “mob” you were the only one there with a visible weapon, so I do t understand why you make yourself out to be such a victim. Interesting enough..

      • admin says:

        You’ll have to do better than “ladyatthepark@gmail.com” for your post here to remain alongside reasoned discourse devoid of the kind of lynch mobs and inconsistent censorship rife on Facebook.

        Given the death threats or serious injury engendered by Lacey Halleck’s deliberate ongoing campaign to “make me famous”, anonymous posts are not welcome on this particular thread.

        In fact, I included all the video footage I had, unedited but appended in the video production you see above. Whether respectful or threatening, or violent, I consistently refused to stop exercising my First Amendment and Civil Rights. I can be heard doing so and didn’t stutter. I said NO. While parents may protect their children, they may not violate the law, as here, to do so. Nor is it rational for you to conflate the hypothetical with the actual. There was NO threat to any child in that playground save for the violence demonstrated by Lacey Halleck as captured here and by her own hand. Avoiding identifying yourself more explicitly reveals you know you are on thin ice legally and ethically.

        I never agreed a parent could commit a crime based on an irrational fear based on hypothetical conjecture. I never engaged any children present, never threatened them, nor frightened them. I can’t say the same for the parents exhibiting criminal behavior in front of these children. FYI, photography is not a crime. It’s legal in all 50 states. Children have no more right to privacy in public than adults. I said as much and the police who arrived after I called them confirmed this. Yet Lacey Halleck went ahead with her online campaign to “make me famous” by organizing a witch hunt on Facebook to the tune of hundreds of comments, death threats, mayhem, and thousands of shares falsely labeling me as a pedophile which she can be heard screaming in the video and read online doing so right now.

        There is nothing ‘respectful’ about assaulting an elderly man calmly and openly exercising his civil rights. It is, however, commonplace with Karens. Your anxieties and hypothetical conjectures do not supersede the U.S. Constitution. The police explained this to you and you ignored their advice and continue to do so.

        As to the latter part of your inquiry, giving you the benefit of the doubt that it is genuine, allow me to point out the following:

        It is unbearably galling to have a violent assailant justify their criminal act by falsely labeling a patriot as a pedophile. Carrying a weapon is not a crime and it served its intended purpose as described under the 2nd Amendment. Moreover, that assailant attempted to argue smashing a camera into the ground strapped to my neck “wasn’t violence”. It certainly was, including the threat, and would have escalated into much worse if the unemployed masseuse hadn’t been discouraged from doing so with the baton that is clearly visible in the video. Three cheers for the 2nd Amendment. Even so, the Karen continued to press her luck by approaching me after I ordered her to back away from where I was sitting on a bench and emphatically warned her I’d defend myself if she got closer. It’s all right there, unedited.

        Your problem is you’ve had too much success in bullying/ordering men around and presumed an elderly man would be easily intimidated by your aggression. You were wrong. Karens often are.

        While you had every right to ask, you did not have a right to threaten or assault me for refusing to comply with your request.

        The video captured Karen is heard opining the old man must have experience with unrequited requests to refrain from photographing in public. He can be heard agreeing, going so far as to say he had been mobbed in the past for bearing a camera in public–hence the weaponization. I’ll likely be bringing a friend with me, a Rottweiler, to any future such encounters. I believe in social distancing and the Rott ought to be able to ensure a minimum 10 foot distance which the baton could not. Augmented with pepper balls might extend that to a more comfortable 15 – 20 feet.

        Nothing was hidden from the video I captured and posted. It was more a case of the Karen using all the rope she was given to hang herself. Look Karen, you admit RIGHT HERE on this very page that you did not know me (we’d NEVER met in any sense of the word) and you DID NOT KNOW WHAT MY INTENT WITH THOSE PICTURES WAS! End of story, Karen. You may NOY assault/threaten people in the midst of lawfully exercising their civil and Constitutional rights based on your overheated imagination and conjecture. Because you do NOT get that despite multiple warnings from several different sources and even now continue your witch hunt and virtual lynch mob online, reparations must be sought not only for direct and future damages, but for punitive damages. And yes, I know where to send the process server.

        As far as the poor showing of the lynch mob at the playground responding to shrieks of “Pedophile!” recorded in the video and on the 911 dispatch audio, it was disappointing I’m sure due to a dearth of eligible/interested adults at hand. But I gotta hand it to Lacey Halleck (37, not mid 40’s despite her looks) she gave it her best shot.

        Now why don’t you purchase some calcium tablets for your spine, be a big girl, and tell us who you are straight up? C’mon, kick my ass. You’ve been telling everyone you can do it. Here’s your chance. They say there’s no weapons, but also no holds barred in the arena, i.e. Our adversarial court system.

        C’mon, Karen, get all lawyered up. I’m an old man. Kick my ass. You can do it. You said so. What are you afraid of? Didn’t you say the cops were all on your side? Gee, all you gotta do is call them, right? I’m old. You said so. It’ll be like stealing candy from a baby. C’mon, the water’s fine.

  8. Lucas M. Yiannatji says:

    WOW! Well done, Mr. Schmidt. You really know how to stick to your talking points. The way you used every opportunity to shift the conversation from your obviously questionable behavior to a broader discussion of constitutional rights, (that “stealing of our souls bit” was particularly deft) to give the illusion that you’re the one on solid ground, while everyone else is in the legal wrong – brilliant! Or, take the way that you feign ignorance about predatory behavior, as though you didn’t know that observing and photographing children is often the first step of child abduction. “Oh, I’m just a frail old man in the park, exercising my first-amendment rights! YOU PEOPLE are the perverts!” Again, just fantastic the way you shift the narrative. You even snuck in a criticism of Trump! (as though you’re not using moves directly out of his playbook). Simply fantastic.
    I also loved how you painted a narrative in which YOU are the victim. I mean, I’m a fan of any story where the straight white man is the underdog, who’s discriminated against by society – you know, like how you somehow worked it to where the mothers trying to protect their children are like vigilante mobs brandishing weapons, and you’re identified with the downtrodden people of color seeking justice… I mean, that’s some solid, next-level narrative reframing, and I gotta give you credit for that. To hear you tell it, you’d almost think that they were the ones whipping out batons.
    Which is not to say that you don’t know how to play the cards you do have to cast yourself as the victim: that whole “I’m on blood thinners – one small punch could LITERALLY kill me!” That was fucking gold, man. Some people of lesser intelligence might actually feel pity for you, or better yet, believe that YOU were the one in danger in this situation. You know, not the defenseless children, especially that one little girl that you singled out and photographed repeatedly, (sorry, I know we’re pretending that nobody knows how predators and kidnappers operate; and you’re not one anyway, you’re a patriot – wink) or the mother who was panicked about her child’s safety and hit you with words, while you waved a literal weapon at her. And yet, in your own mind you come across (almost convincingly) as the one who is in danger, not them. You’re really great at this! I know you said this “isn’t your first rodeo” but, I mean, you must do this sort of shady thing A LOT.
    And of COURSE you’ve done this before. You probably do it all the time. You clearly had all the applicable RCW laws memorized, just like every innocent, law-abiding photographer and journalist does. Of course you’ve been doing this exact type of thing for years, if not decades. I mean, how else could a person be called a sicko, a creep, a weirdo, ad infinitum, by practically everyone in the community and still want to defend their actions so staunchly? I mean, not only do you NOT apologize, and not even PRETEND to recognize that your behavior was troublesome, questionable, or some might say bizarre – you actually go on the attack! Not only against the people present, not only against the people in the (online) community, but you even go on the attack against city hall! (And you say you’re not a fan of Trump, you old trouble-maker.) No, I get it – never meet them while you’re on the back foot. Nicely done. And anyway, you’re just defending your rights and freedoms; in fact, defending the rights and freedoms of all Americans! You’re a hero, “John”! It’s too bad that society can’t see that. I guess you’re right – they’re just too brainwashed to hate men.
    In fact, your dissembling and double-talk might actually convince someone that you’re NOT what you so obviously are, and that you actually ARE what you pretend very hard to be: just some innocent old man out on a perfectly innocent walk, taking perfectly innocent -AND LEGAL!- pictures of children that he felt NO physical attraction towards. (“What??? Who could possibly think that??? Anyone who accuses someone else of being a pedophile must clearly be a pedophile themselves. These people are perverts! Those SJW’s sure have some sick minds. Imagine such a thing! I’m an artist! Er, ‘photojournalist.’ Yeah, that sounds better.” Haha, you crack me up, Sean, you old so-and-so. I mean, talk about “doth protest too much.”)
    Oh, also, since you’ve been accusing everyone of hiding behind fake names, or whatever, (“John Smith,” LOL) my name is Lucas Michael Yiannatji. The e-mail address I’m putting in here is real. Share it with whomever you like. What’s your e-mail, by the way?

    P.S. – Good luck with the lawsuit, jackass. Funny how the First Amendment only seems to apply to you. Be sure to put my name at the top.

    P.P.S. – Your photographs were poorly composed and amateurish at best.

    • admin says:

      The following public communication is from Ashley Yiannatji’s husband (Ashley is an EMT intern in training with the City of Tumwater Fire Dept.) reacting to the following query submitted to his wife for clarification as to if she was the author of the malicious slander/libel: (Mr. Yiannatji appears to be answering in the affirmative on her behalf and even for the City of Tumwater.)

      TO: Ashley Yiannatji: Is the following YOU and your words? If so, you are a liar and a public one.

      Ashley Yiannatji (31) (DOB: 12-30-88)

      fka: Ashley Nicole Monroe & Michael James Monroe

      306 SE N ST, Tumwater, WA / 2446 Arnold St, Dupont, WA 98327 / 991 W. Lakeside Dr, Shelton 98584

      3027 Gardenia Lane, SW, #8-304, Tumwater, WA 98512-6059

      1601 16th Ct, SE, #B, Lacey, WA 98503

      Lucas Michael Yiannatji (34) (DOB: 10-21-85)

      “This guy has been caught multiple times taking inappropriate pictures of young women and children! This incident was at Tumwater Falls Historical Park, let’s all keep an eye out for creepers, and if something feels wrong it probably is! Be careful and watch your babies close”

      Conflating perverts/pedophiles w/patriots is its own perversion that comes from dirty minds. There’s nothing ‘dirty’ about photographing a park with children playing in it. And when those overheated imaginations rise to public assaults, witch hunts, and lynch mobs–THAT is a crime and must be dealt with accordingly, no different than any of the other street thugs engaged in violence on the streets.

      To advocate through ad hominem arguments to the contrary based on utter speculation as to the motives of the photographer is entering the world of the thought police. There may be perverts in the world, but that fact does not excuse criminal behavior or trashing the Constitution.

      PS: Rather than respond directly, Ashley allowed her husband to do so and avoided defending her slanderous/libelous bare assertion while in the employ of the City of Tumwater. The original source of this tempest was Lacey Halleck, now advocating (and circulating a public petition) for fences surrounding all public playgrounds with a law forbidding admission of any adult unaccompanied by a child.

      • Lucas Michael Yiannatji says:

        Hey Sean,

        I get that your quasi-legal gibberish is supposed to intimidate me into silence. But your attempt to bully us is as pathetic and inaccurate as your “doxxing” attempt. Good luck with all that, Schmitty.

        • admin says:

          Not a problem, Lucas–see you & yours in court. Is your address listed correctly for the process server? And thanks for the pics, it makes it easier for the process server.

          • Lucas M. Yiannatji says:

            Cool, man. Although first, you may want to try to figure out whether what my wife did was libel OR slander. Based on what you wrote above, you don’t seem to know the difference. (Hint: it was neither.) Read a book, idiot.

  9. admin says:



    So now, Karen’s got a gun.

    To be clear, her name wasn’t actually Karen – it was Jillian Wuestenberg. But Wuestenberg’s behavior – while with her husband, Eric Wuestenberg, she drew a gun on a black woman and her daughter in a parking lot near Detroit last week after she and the girl inadvertently collided – is certainly Karen-like. As in the social-media meme of white women weaponizing their entitlement and privilege against people of color.

    Karens call police on black people for barbecuing in a public park, swimming in a public pool, selling bottled water on a public street. Amy Cooper, a New York City Karen, notoriously called 911 claiming she was being attacked in a public park by an African American man after he asked her to put her dog on a leash. Karens have become ubiquitous.

    But they aren’t usually armed.

    One is wary of falling into the journalistic trope of labeling any three similar incidents a “trend.” Yet, this sort of thing does seem to be happening a lot lately. Days before the Michigan confrontation, one Patricia McCloskey came out of her home in St. Louis awkwardly holding a handgun as a group of Black Lives Matter protesters marched down the street toward the mayor’s house. Her husband had a long gun.

    Two weeks before that, Joseph Max Fucheck, a male Karen – a Kevin? – in Miami-Dade County pulled a gun on a black man, Dwayne Wynn. Wynn had been standing across the street from his house talking to a neighbor when Fucheck drove by and left a business card in his mailbox. When Wynn retrieved it, Fucheck circled back, produced a handgun and, in a tirade punctuated by racial slurs and other profanity, accused Wynn of stealing “my property.” This, he said, is “why you have people like you getting shot.”

    Taken together, these incidents, all caught on video, paint a grim picture of how many white Americans are responding in this summer of racial justice uprising. Namely, with the desperate panic of people who think the race war has come to their doorsteps. They’re breaking out guns and circling the wagons in defense of privilege and prerogative.

    It’s a dangerous, combustible mindset, egged on by the arsonist in the White House. Which makes one all the more thankful for those white people who have not lost their damn minds.

    If the police murder of George Floyd was, for many African Americans, superfluous confirmation of things we already knew, it was, for many white Americans, a jolting revelation of things they never guessed. It cannot be easy to learn that much of what you’ve been taught is a lie, that you are the product of a system designed to inculcate and maintain racism in you, to ensure there are voices you never hear, people you never see, stories you never know.

    Such a discovery can upend one’s understanding of one’s country and oneself. So Karen got a gun. But we’ll be a better country when Karen gets a book, when she emulates morally courageous white people seeking to know things that have been withheld. They’re the ones now reading Ta-Nehisi Coates, Robin DiAngelo, Michelle Alexander and Douglas A. Blackmon, the ones now watching “13th,” “I Am Not Your Negro,” “Do The Right Thing” and “Eyes on the Prize,” the ones chanting “Black lives matter!” – even in lily-white places where no black lives are lived.

  10. Alicia Kim says:

    I am extremely sorry you have experienced this as I too have been a victim to the power and scandals that the police have the ability to not only partake in but cover up I would like to help in any way I can or possibly get together as to get more people who have been subject to this insane tortious behavior brought to the attention of those whom seem not to see it in my opinion this is forms of gang stalking and sadly it destroys people’s livrd

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