Michael’s Meats & Seafood Comes To Shelton

Michael’s Meats & Seafood

Michael’s Meats & Seafood is a welcome addition to a small rural town named Shelton that serves as the gateway to the Olympic mountains. A family owned and run business, it now has 3 locations but perhaps is appreciated most by Shelton patrons eager to have the kind of choices that come with honest small local businesses who purchase from local producers and invest their profits in local neighborhoods.

Jay’s Farmstand

Michael’s is open from 9-6 7/7. It’s across the street from another small family owned and run operation, Jay’s Farmstand featuring fresh produce even on New Year’s eve. Michael’s owner (Michael Borns) claims his product is up to 7 days fresher than competing grocery chains and cheaper than Wal-Mart’s. He has 5 children who all pitch in at this family business.

Michael’s isn’t catering only to pedestrian taste buds either. He has a large number of Hispanic patrons. He includes specialty meats and sausages along with poultry, seafood, goat, elk, yak, buffalo, alligator, snake steaks, shellfish, and possibly rabbit.

Michael’s is located at 1729 Olympic Hwy N., Shelton, WA (tel. 360-426-1659) in the old A&W building across the street from Jay’s Farmstand at 1804 Olympic Hwy NE, Shelton, WA.

The new (and only) Shelton specialty butcher shop is more competitive than the big boys for that very reason according to its owner. It has been an instant success striking a resonant chord with the town’s residents. Be prepared to wait in line when holidays are near. When you’ve finished shopping there, Jay’s produce is only a few feet away with fresh fruit and vegetables for those inclined to avoid the sugary packaged junk food lining local supermarket shelves.

We can bid adieu to 2011 by shedding old corrupt politicians/policies, ringing in the new year with a new butcher shop, produce stand, congressional district, and city mayor. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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