Michigan Cops Attack, Injure, Hospitalize Mentally Ill Man

by Carlos Miller of PINAC

Dearborn, MI (5-8-14) — A disturbing dash cam video shows a group of Michigan police officers pouncing on a mentally ill man who was doing nothing more than standing on a residential street trying to fix his bicycle chain.

The first Dearborn cop pulls up, steps out of the car and begins donning gloves – a usual indicator he is about to get physical.

And sure enough he does, insisting on patting Ali Baydoun down for weapons, even though he was not doing anything that would have given the cop a reasonable suspicion that he had or was about to commit a crime.

If anything, the cop should have had a reasonable suspicion that Baydoum was mentally ill and was possibly not understanding the situation.

But recognizing and working with mentally ill citizens has never been a priority for police departments in this country where the general attitude is escalate the aggression until the mentally ill man is either dead or incarcerated.

In this case, Baydoun was transported to a hospital for injuries sustained during the beat down but was never taken to jail or charged with a crime.

And, of course, the officers were never charged with a crime either, which is why his family is filing a lawsuit today over the incident that took place in December.

From a Youtube commentator:

 Ali is my cousin. He has had brain disfunction ever since he was a little kid. He cant remember things that aren’t part of his daily agenda. Thats why he didn’t even know the numbers to his address. What the cops did to him sickens me and it makes me want to do what they did to him, and see how they feel. Ali was on his way from work and he stopped to fix his chain. And to all the cops out there, not every Arab in the street is a terrorist. They should have taught you that in police academy. I can’t wait until the city loses so much money and those cops end up on the street. I swear just hearing him scream for help makes me cry and go against the police that assaulted him. Please spread the word about this, because what if this was your family member?
Below is a statement for the Dearborn Police Department, posted on Michigan Live:
DEARBORN, Mich. – A thorough Police Department review of an incident in December 2013 involving Ali Beydoun, who resisted police officers’ lawful instructions, resulting in the necessary use of force, showed the officers acted and reported the incident appropriately and according to approved department protocols.

A videotape of the incident, which occurred at 4:47 a.m. on December 7, 2013 shows a physical encounter that resulted from Mr. Beydoun resisting a pat down for weapons.
However, what attracted the officer’s attention to this individual incident is not given on the video.
Mr. Beydoun was not dressed properly for the 20 degree weather that December morning. Despite riding his bicycle in the street, his bike did not have a light and he disregarded several stop signs.

Mr. Beydoun was on a bike at 4:47 a.m. in a neighborhood that has experienced auto thefts and break-ins. It is common for criminals to use a bike when traveling to an area to steal cars. Autos have been stolen in cold weather when owners start them, but leave them unattended to warm up.

Mr. Beydoun could not produce an I.D. when asked to do so by the officer, nor could he answer where he had come from. The officer then indicated that he was going to conduct a pat down for weapons. That is when Mr. Beydoun began to resist and pull away from the officer.

Mr. Beydoun did not appear to be injured following the incident. He was not arrested.
Once the incident was under control, officers cared for the well-being of Mr. Beydoun by transporting him to Oakwood Hospital for suspected mental health issues. A family member was contacted.

The family member told police that despite his behavior during the incident and his lack of ability to clearly communicate with officers, he did not take medications, did not have a mental health diagnosis or have a known mental illness.

So failing to don a jacket after you’ve been washing dishes all night and possibly committing some minor bicycle violations – which are evidently made up by police considering the cop came across the man when his bike was inoperable – is now reasonable suspicion that you are stealing cars?

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    Fuck these cops I hope they go to hell

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