Mike Dorsey fires Monty Cobb; Retaliatory Politics Reigns

Mike Dorsey fires Monty Cobb; Retaliatory Politics Reigns as usual:

After longtime Mason County prosecutor Gary Burleson announced his retirement, Michael Dorsey and Monty Cobb chose to run for election to the position. Mr. Dorsey prevailed in that electoral contest and assumed the position as Mason County Prosecutor. Not so long after the fact, he fired the eminently qualified and philosophically constructive Monty Cobb (who is now collecting unemployment benefits), apparently for having opposed him while running for election, though he’d be quick to reach for a more palatable excuse. A number of others were fired contemporaneously. Curiously, all had supported Monty Cobb in his bid for the prosecutor’s post.

Disturbingly, Monty reveals (had he won) he would have required Mr. Dorsey’s exit. He went on to observe this kind of ‘tit for tat’ politics is not unusual…especially among attorneys. Yours truly believes it ought to be! In fact, there oughta be a law.  The fact there isn’t invites this kind of retaliation where the arbiter of alleged campaign ethics violations goes to the winner, arguably a party with distinct conflicts of interest and self serving reasons in such a scenario.

The trouble with this all too human state of retaliation for alleged campaign excesses is the chilling effect it has on the choice of candidates to run a spirited campaign for office, or, indeed, to run at all.  The recent election for Mason County Sheriff comes to mind. Many elected judges run unopposed because area attorneys fear retaliation, should they lose, when filing motions before these same judges. Not only does this undermine our democracy and the political process, clients end up having their access to the courts effectively reduced if not eliminated. This kind of abuse of the democratic system MUST STOP. Citizens are urged to hold their elected officials accountable for this kind of abuse. In the end, it is the public that receives the greater injury.  Politics is entirely too vital to be left to the politicians.

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