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Is Olympia beholden to a neo-liberal cabal of kontrol freaks?


Declined — Try Again?

Olympia, WA — Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Lenny Bruce and George Carlin were luminaries in fighting for the right of performing artists to fully exercise their inalienable rights pursuant to 1st Amendment principles. Not surprisingly, they were pursued and persecuted for doing so–Hell hath no fury like a scorned prude…so much so that Lenny succumbed to the badgering by ending his own life. Although a seminal figure in the free speech movement, and a turning point in American jurisprudence, this historical fact seems to have fallen on tin ear in Olympia’s environs.

At a jazz jam session in Olympia’s Traditions Cafe (3rd Sunday of each month @ 2:30p – 5:30p) across from the Capitol Campus Heritage Park, a participant recommended Oly’s Jazz Central website to stay in touch with the local jazz scene and venues calendar. It seemed like a good enough idea to invite a very polished local jazz trumpet player, C Davis, to check it out. C wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about those behind the digital site. The conversation instantly came to mind when ‘Oly Jazz Central’ sent an e-mail declining the bid to join the menage because the chosen avatar (above image) was deemed ‘inappropriate’. [That’s a euphemism for “my biases are more important than yours”.]

The following retort was sent and is posted here by way of educating the public as to how the rights we hold as inalienable in America must be exercised or we will lose them. Olympia is a classic example of how this erosion of fundamental liberties takes hold in fact.


Received the following ‘declined’ prompt in e-mail from Oly Jazz Central:
Your request to join Olympia Jazz Central was declined.

The person who declined your request said:
Inappropriate picture. Try again!

WTF!? This independent photojournalist should inform you, commitment to free speech (Lenny Bruce) principles is as important as music here. A very professional trumpet player in Olympia (C Davis) was invited to join this group but kindly declined for the following stated reasons:

“There are a bunch of knee jerk liberals who run that. If you aren’t seen as consistent with their politics, they will shut you out.” Aspiring Sax Player: “But C, they haven’t asked about my politics.” C: “They will…they’ll get around to it.”

Apparently, Mr. Davis was correct. A bid to join this group wasn’t due to politics. Indeed, censorship is received with hostility here, either by the public OR private sector. There is nothing ‘obscene’ or objectionable about the chosen avatar photo. What *is* disturbing is your censorship of the same, despite ADA and 1st Amendment principles. It does, however (and deliberately so) help filter out the kontrol freaks who always seem to want to censor the content of others’ speech. Classical old-school liberals seem to be, from my experience, among the worst offenders. I didn’t come here to ‘go to church’ or be chided for my choice of how I represent myself or what avatar I choose. Your prudish censorship is obnoxious to all the principles held most dear here, and so noted.

This site was billed as a digital venue to communicate with musicians and artists. Unfortunately, the ‘price’ you’ve set on that simple proposition is too great. Given the history of performing artists (e.g. Lenny Bruce and George Carlin) in dealing with such censorship, your message was not simply paradoxical, but revealing. It must be said, if it were known who you were in particular, an effort to exercise our 1st Amendment rights in your presence in order to preserve them would be made. You are a threat to those rights, and an enemy of American values.

This message was sent to you and 2 other organizers of Olympia Jazz Central.

Olympia Jazz Central, in truth, is hardly the only malcontent when it comes to the free speech of others in Thurston County. The State’s Capitol is rife with latte’ swilling, gun snatching, gender bending sanctimonious hypocritical constipated kontrol freaks and…performing artists, no less. One example can be seen in Heather Wood, an aspiring professional vocalist, artist, and bee colony environmentalist who recently graduated from TESC.


Heather Wood

Prior to a tempestuous parting, Heather was greatly indulged to help her meet basic needs for herself  and 7-year old daughter, including 2 bicycles, purchase of a TCTV membership, tools for her bee hive production, dinners, transportation, business consulting, and a mutual pledge of cooperation. As a small recompense, a pop-up ad containing the above avatar image was accepted by her on her evergreen bee sanctuary web site, only to be deleted without notice upon the 1st criticism by a complete stranger in an internet cafe. Loyalty, gratitude, and respect for free speech/expression are foreign currency in Olytown.

Censorship, it would seem, goes hand in glove with Olympia’s march toward becoming a virtual gated city, not only in law, but culturally and in spirit. The State Capitol’s mean streets are replete with criminalizing an entire underclass (the homeless) by definition, skyrocketing property crime rates, deliberate failure to provide public restrooms after hours as a vacuous effort to bring law & order including censorship by this bastion of privileged upper middle-class white swells who stand as gatekeepers against the uncouth and great unwashed.

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  1. Adam Curtis says:

    I see you refer to “gender benders” a lot on your blog. What are you referring to exactly here? Are you talking about people who dress or act outside of culturally established gender norms? Or are you referring to transgender people? Could you elaborate a bit more on this? Thanks!

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