Oly Night Life 7-25-12

After an interesting if uneventful visit to a Satanic soiree’ in Olympia’s Community Center (rm. 103 – worshipsatan.org), a compulsion to gather a little bit more color and culture to offset the trip expense arose. Anti-Chris (the group’s founder) seemed somewhat deficient in any liturgy or theology that might have proved intriguing at such an event, but the discussion was sparsely attended given the $40 he had to front to reserve the room. In fact, he claimed he didn’t believe in supra-natural beings at all…pointing out the tautology that if they, in fact, existed, then by definition they wouldn’t be “supra-natural”. This is a syllogism that needs to be converted for generic use of the more clever trial attorneys.

More detail/attention will be given to such minutiae as time, inclination, and upload space/speed allows after reviewing the 2 hour audio from the soiree’. Questions like “Is Satan A Yankees fan?” were asked but inadequately analyzed. Others like “Is Satan omnipotent?” or, given that some Satanic Churches mimic their Christian cousins by asking for donations, “Is Satan starved for cash?” also remained little explored. Anti-Chris discovered Olympia is strangely devoid of local houses of Satanic worship. I reminded him that Thurston Superior Court Judge Gary cut his teeth as a county deputy prosecutor literally and obsessively engaged in a witch hunt not so many years ago when he boasted he’d be the first prosecutor to ever pursue and convict a cult of Satanic worshipers in the nation–or at least since the Salem witch trials. Judge Tabor might be interested in exploring the  possibility of septic tanks in Hell if the wailing, suffering, and gnashing of teeth there is truly eternal–given such time frames would represent a tremendous logistical challenge for disposal.

A short jaunt  to Olympia’s artesian well revealed the night life in the city’s tender loin district was jumping. Few parking spaces remained, the music that cascaded out the doors of the local gin joint was deafening, and hustlers of every shape, stripe, gender, or persuasion were bustling. One such, engaged in an impromptu street jam session, confronted the photographer as to why he was taking pictures. After a careful explanation of the legality of such was offered, he conceded the point but wanted further justification. Eventually, he seemed satisfied he was just too colorful to pass up after being invited to admire himself on this blog.

Chuck West’s Reprise

Busker Chuck West recently returned to Olympia where he supports himself with his guitar and affable singing style. He has his own website (chuckwestDOTorg). Chuck is open to jamming with new friends, advertising his home # as: (360)292-7777. He teaches beginning guitar lessons in addition to selling the instruments on E-Bay. He hopes to organize a local blues band for hire.

Give Chuck a jingle–you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself and opportunity might lie on the back side of this new page.

The Boys in the City

The boys jammed on 4th Street. The guitar player questioned the purpose of the photography shortly thereafter. He seemed to accept the notion photography was a legal activity (just like busking or speech) in public spaces including the streets of Olympia. He still wanted to know why he was selected, but was flattered by the observation he was just too colorful (or noisy) to ignore. For all these reasons, attributes are impossible as he remained anonymous. The mood on the street was somewhat brittle–no doubt a reflection of the local PD’s ‘diplomacy’. But the neon lights were bright…

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