Olympia Harbor Days 9-2-18

It was the last of the lazy hazy crazy days of summer in Olympia for 2018. Mukana Marimba plays lively melodies and intricate rhythms in the tradition of the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Africa. The music is played on a set of seven wooden marimbas (xylophones) of various sizes, from small higher pitched sopranos that carry the melodies, to a huge booming bass that keeps the rhythm. The beautiful melodies and complex rhythms of the music are captivating – this music makes people smile and want to tap their toes or dance. The unusual instruments and the high energy of the players makes Mukana fun to watch as well as to hear. Mukana hails from Olympia, Washington, and has enjoyed playing music and performing together since 1998.

You can also go to their website: http://mukanamarimba.com

They also have a facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mukana

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