Olympia Police Abuse Incontinent Crippled Homeless Man

His name is David and he’s homeless. He’s incontinent, crippled, and has extreme needs which have exhausted local social services. He’s also an irritant to the poorly trained Olympia Police as Monica Peabody reports from an incident she witnessed next to the POWER office–an organization which attempts to help the poor and families forced to apply for welfare.

David of Olympia

David was one of the disabled homeless who stayed with Occupy in Heritage Park during the 2011 encampment.

Monica Peabody

Monica Peabody:  Wow, Oly could have really used [a competent police officer] last night. I was at the POWER office when a cop pushed a guy in a wheelchair into our parking lot, then stood away from him with his arms folded. We realized the guy’s pants were pulled down. We went outside to see what was going on, and heard the cop saying things to him like, “I’m not taking you to jail because you’re just trying to get a free bed and meal, and besides the jail doesn’t want you because you smell like shit and piss.” “Pull up your pants, no one wants to see your junk.” It was obvious that the man was trying to pull up his pants, but couldn’t. I helped him pull up his pants and it was fairly clear that this disabled man did not have the assistance to go to the bathroom anywhere else besides in his pants. As soon as I began helping him, the cop left.
April 9 at 9:51am

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