Periodic CPU Spike Screen Freeze

This expert tech tip should be of interest to all PC users regardless of what OS/hardware they’re using. In this instance, it landed on an Intel dual-core PC running XP Pro. The problem showed up with increasing severity/frequency as very periodic screen freezes approximately every 35 seconds lasting about 7 seconds. With the help of over 25 years of intense experience with PC’s and computer science/programming, it was determined that the problem was NOT in the networking, router, KVM (single mouse & keyboard for multiple PC’s), OS, drivers, mouse, keyboard, memory, CPU or monitor before a thorough search of the many clueless internet tech forums revealed one that hinted at file/drive indexing. The task manager performance graph had revealed a regular spike  of CPU activity to 100% like clockwork which stopped the system until it passed. Naturally no work can be done when this occurs every half minute. But the regularity gave a clue. While file/disk indexing may mean nothing to most PC users, what this means to you is fairly simple–(for Windows usersDo a CHKDSK/F at the command line prompt (or whatever alternative your OS offers) and then reboot. Others will have to accomplish the same file system error correction through whatever tools their OS offers. This will correct certain file system indexing errors that may have crept into your PC’s hard drive over time. Follow this by upgrading/re-installing your anti-viral software, e.g. KIS 2010 to KIS 2011. At any rate, it cured this weeks old problem and the PC is running smoothly again without the debilitating hiccups. Tired hard drives masquerade as a host of mysterious ailments when it’s actually as fundamental as the beginning of mechanical failure of your drive(s).

Many PC users posted complaints on the internet regarding this issue. They spanned the spectrum from Linux fans, Apple users, and the ubiquitous Windows drudges. There were lots of well intended but useless suggestions to solve the problem. This is being posted here as a community interest topic because the solution is uniquely absent from an internet search. Now it won’t be.


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