Port of Shelton Commissioner Jay Hupp Recall Petition w/allegations & documenation

The following link contains about 100 pages including the petition to recall Port Commissioner Jay Hupp along with allegations of misconduct and documentation of the same.  It is hoped the petition will, after being reviewed by the courts, appear as a special ballot measure to remove Mr. Hupp from office for crimes/misconduct against the citizens of Mason County and residents in the Port of Shelton district.  Reportedly, the announcement of this filing at a fund raising event was met with wild applause and renewed hope by local residents.  (Please be patient, as it takes a while to download 100 pages to your screen for viewing.)

Click HERE for Jay Hupp Recall Petition w/allegations & documentation

Port of Shelton Commissioner Jay Hupp

This man, along with Commissioner Tim Sheldon, are among the most hated and dangerous politicians in Mason County due to their insulting, arrogant behavior toward residents while favoring wealthy corporations seeking to poison the community, to destroy its quality of life, forests, and children as a profitable BioMassacre venture.

These officials have created long term animosity and suspicion which residents can cure only by removing them from office as expediently as possible.  Hopefully, voters will be wise enough to avoid replacing them with more self absorbed glad handers who care more about the $ (budget?) than the health of the community, its children, and our welfare.  I don’t know that such a candidate has, as yet, or is about to succeed.  There are too many pretenders for my taste.

Let me put it *this* way, I’d like to see Theresa Jacobson run for County Commissioner.  I trust her with the issue of our collective health and quality of life far more than any current candidate for that position.  And…given Tim’s penchant for holding multiple jobs, perhaps Theresa can follow suit?

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