Home Invasion: Shelton woman shot opening her door

A Shelton woman was shot when she opened her door to two men early Wednesday morning.

Critical Condition

The Mason County sheriff’s office says at least one other person, who was in the house at the time, barricaded him/her self in the back  of the home on Tyler Lane about 4 miles north of Shelton.

Uninvited Visitors?

When deputies arrived the two male suspects had fled. The woman woke to find 2 men outside and was shot while opening her door.

Desperate Measures

The weather prevented an airlift to Seattle’s Harborview Hospital trauma center so medics drove the woman to St. Peter Hospital in Olympia. She’s in critical condition.

2nd Amendment remedies

Police searched the area for the 2 men, thought to be armed and dangerous, without success until 6:00 am. The Sheriff has asked anyone with information to call (360)427-7761.

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