Squatting: Revolutionary or Ripoff?

PORTLAND, Ore. – For the past nine months a group of people has taken over the home of a 66-year-old school teacher and Portland police say they’re part of a radical arm of the Occupy Movement.

Freedom?…or Fraud?

When is a building ‘abandoned’ and how does defrauding the owner square with the anti-capitalist sentiments of politically radical street elements? One sometimes hears “F(*)CK YOUR STUFF!” from this crowd. Have they become the new consumption police deciding pursuant to their own lights whose property rights are to be respected and whose are not?–or perhaps no one at all?

This Brave New World we’re seductively invited into on the basis of the multitude of sins and atrocities committed everyday by the existing regime appears to lead to the edge of the abyss where the old, the infirm, and the gullible are simply objects to be exploited on the theory that ‘rights’ don’t really exist, or at least we shouldn’t see the state as defending them.

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