Tahoe Jones, gentleman tramp

Olympia, WA (10-20-19)– Tahoe, a friend of mine, has had an eventful life that included homelessness on the streets of Olympia.. Despite his impoverished circumstances and limited resources, Tahoe tends to be a strong advocate for personal responsibility and boundaries…sometimes even a bit of a curmudgeon. e.g. He doesn’t feel sorry for those who won’t work to improve their lot in life. He doesn’t believe they’re ‘entitled’ to other people’s $ or “everything for everybody”.
Tahoe Jones, gentleman tramp
Twitter: JustCandling 1964:
I was on my own for two days at the NY worlds fair. age 11.
“Here’s $10, Meet me at the Unisphere at 5:00”, from my dad.
He was seeing a girlfriend. I didn’t find out until I was 30.
It was life changing for an eleven year old.
The stage was set for my future.
1964 World Fair, NYNY
1964 World Fair, NYNY
I spent most of my life as a Limousine driver.
TJ’s limo
I became depressed and suicidal in 2010.
Then unexpected money showed up.
I decided I could help on the street.
First incarnation as I learned how to…
TJ’s limo bike
Second incarnation.
2nd Incarnation
Scotch Broom for cover
Forest Shelter
TJ’s Occupy Olympia shelter @ Heritage Park
TJ’s voluntary arrest in ad hoc downtown Olympia homeless shelter, courtesy of Union Gospel Mission’s notification to the authorities
I had already been cleaning the street,
from Capital to Cherry on fourth a year or so.
Down to paper matches. Tens of 1,000’s cigarette butts.
TJ’s street cleanup
TJ’s 1st Percival Landing setup
TJ’s 2nd Percival Landing setup
Final Percival habitat.
Setup after 11:00 every night.
Tear down, back to the street every morning.
this config worked great.
Those gates on the restrooms, were because of me. (background)
They spent $3,000 each, both sides.
final Percival Landing homeless habitat
Packed for travel. Various stages.
TJ’s bike yacht
TJ’s bike yacht
TJ’s bike yacht downtown Oly
TJ’s bike yacht @ Percival Landing
Si vis pacem para bellum

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