Tasmanian Devil Goes to Hell


Tasmanian Devil

If the Australian Corporate timber giants aren’t part of the Simpson (aka: Green Diamond) family, then they sound like 1st cousins.

The Tasmanian devil is one of the rarest animals on earth. A marsupial that has existed on this planet for thousands of years is being wiped out by a facial cancer. Timber concessionaires will bulldoze vast tracts of forests, then replant with only the desired species of trees that are turned into wood chips to export to Japan. Only certain types of wood make the best paper. These timber concessionaires then replant only the species they prefer. They grow saplings on the clearings, and these are vulnerable to insects, and rodents, deer, and many of the animals in Tasmania are very rare and endangered. Big business timber concessionaires used pesticides, then started poisoning forest creatures by dropping carrots laced with odorless, tasteless poisons made in Alabama, USA. The Taz devils ate animals that died from this poison, which in turn destroyed the Tasmanian devil’s immunity to disease. These timber concessionaires buy the lease to the lands in Tasmania, and defend their right to do as they please with the land they use. Whatever the effort that conservationists are doing to save the Taz are rendered useless if the habitat of these animals will be destroyed.

And why is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so common in the Pacific NW, but so uncommon in southern California, arguably an even dirtier environment in some ways? Could it be the Dioxin Simpson has dumped on Mason County and in its estuaries along with the chemicals they’ve sprayed their commercial tree farm operations with have entered the food chain and aquifers? Why is the health of Mason County residents so far below par of the other Washington State Counties and cancer rates so much higher? Why do we continue to drink the kool-aid?

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