Denouement: Thurston County Prosecutor Folds Tent

‘JUSTICE’ ala Thurston County:

State's Complaining Witness

Live by the ex parte, Die by the ex parte. Sara Dotson’s (Drama Queen) reign ends!

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Get out of jail free card

Love, pro se

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4 Responses to Denouement: Thurston County Prosecutor Folds Tent

  1. w47107d says:

    Look they won’t try (pun intended) where they can’t win.

  2. w47107d says:

    after the change of venue, a motion in the original court was considered “specious” ??

    • admin says:

      The prosecutor moved for dismissal before the clerk could act on the change of venue. Though diligent effort was made, the order for the change of venue actually signed by Judge Murphy, may never have been entered into the record. The clerks say they were too busy to get the order to the judge. But the ‘w/prejudice’ means they cannot refile. So perhaps that moots the failure to enter a signed order of venue change.

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