3-19-21 Smith v Heather Lund 21CV0197: Lynch Mob Litigation

3-19-21 Smith v Lund 21CV0197

3-19-21 Smith v Lund 21CV0197

Sometime around August, 2020, Heather Lynn Lund attempted to garner the services of Amicus Curia to produce perjured sworn court documents to reverse/rescind the 5-year protection order against her husband after he was convicted of domestic violence against her following a train of other DV complaints involving the duo, based on Heather’s sworn statements to the arresting LEO. Her efforts were delicately (at least initially) rejected by yours truly, an independent investigative photojournalist member of the 5th Estate and paralegal.

What followed was literally months of increasingly threatening posts by Heather on the Mason County Blog, coercion, e-mail, and thinly disguised online communications unsuccessfully attempting to obscure her identity to evade accountability for her stalking and harassment. Despite blocking her using all technical procedures available, her obsession only grew in frequency and escalation of threats, finally resorting to attempts to organize mob violence because the reporter refused to allow Heather Lund to control editorial policy by deleting reference to her attempted perjury, manipulation of the courts, and abuse of its clerks.

Very reluctantly, after months of forbearance, this action was filed and the judge ultimately granted the Petition for protection against stalking and harassment inasmuch as Heather would not appear in court. after having been properly served–something she naively thought she could evade through her use of the internet and sale of her home.

This video of the courtroom proceedings confirms the granting of the petition and the entry of a protection order from stalking and harassment against Heather Lynn Lund, INCLUDING use of social media/the internet to continue her harassment/stalking.

Karens, be ye forewarned! The internet is a paper thin shield against litigation seeking protection prohibiting abusive stalking and harassment.


3-19-21 Protection Order (21CV0197)

Smith vs. Lund

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