Custody Dispute Masquerades as DV w/Indu Thomas presiding

Jacob Kyle Fisher was a young unwed father of a 2 year old boy in 2010 involved in a bitter dispute over custody/visitation with his even younger ex-gf. Both parties acted pro se in the evidentiary hearing that ensued after the young woman filed a Domestic Violence (DV) petition in a transparent bid to gain complete dominion over the father’s visitation/relationship with his son. (Thurston Family Court #10-2-30118-3)

The 2+ hour audio can be heard through the link below as an example of how Commissioner Indu Thomas conducts such hearings (often prompting and leading witnesses from the bench) along with such pro se errors as inadequate preparation, poor cross-examination techniques combined with a poorly articulated theory of the case, and obtuse closing arguments. A series of lectures on proper cross-examination techniques presented by one of the country’s leading public defense attorneys can be found by clicking HERE.

In the following video, Commissioner Indu Thomas ignores all the tells of a manipulative young mother set on dominating the unwed father’s relationship with his young son during this Custody Dispute masquerading as a Domestic Violence Hearing in Thurston #10-2-30118-3:

The mother can be heard (near the end) objecting in the audio to the following pictures.

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