A Day In Infamy, 1-6-21

This may prove to be a record of documentary clips sourced from the 5th Estate leading to the 2nd impeachment and Senate trial of the only U.S. President in history to be impeached twice–in a single term, no less, to rival BIRTH OF A NATION in historical significance. These clips were copied and published by multiple news media outlets as well as the Senate proceedings itself (i.e. the epitome of the FAIR USE DOCTRINE) toward the end of condemning ex-President Donald Trump for his treason, violation of his oath of office, and fomenting an insurrection against the government using dog whistle inflammatory emotional appeals, hyperbole, and false narrative ​to a mob of weak minded true believers. ​

Here was a man who held the fate of the most militarily and economically powerful nation in the world in his hands as he appealed to the guileless gullible mob before him, betraying not only their trust, but that America had given in accepting his oath of office that cold January 20th inauguration day in 2017 when he sought to have his transfixed disciples overthrow the freely elected government of the United States less than 4 years later on January 6, 2021.

Donald Trump then watched from afar and did nothing when the mob set up a scaffold, replete with a hangman’s noose, on the foot of the steps where Congress was convened, and even Vice President Mike Pence and his family were present to witness the honored tradition of our elected Congressmen and women counting the certification of the electoral votes from each of the 50 states, chillingly calling out Nancy Pelosi’s name (Speaker of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency in the event of an emergency) as the lynch mob ransacked the Capitol in search of her and Mike Pence who were forced to shelter in secret locations throughout the building, the very halls of Congress itself. Our nation’s capitol was ransacked and bludgeoned in an assault, unparalleled since the war of 1812, resulting in the deaths of at least 5 and the hospitalization of scores. It was a day in infamy America and history will never forget. –Amicus Curia–

As readers can see here with their own eyes, there’s a new tyrant on the block intent on controlling/suppressing all speech in the commons that now lives on corporate platforms…Youtube! (aka: Google). Say what you will, Google & Youtube are the Big Brother of 2021. It’s predecessor from 1984 is beginning to look benign by comparison. Here is a video of unparalleled historical significance to the nation and Google/Youtube want to control/limit who sees it. It will only get worse until Congress clips the wings of this control freak.

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