A Modest Proposal

The air in downtown Shelton is visibly dirtier than that near the Hospital–egregiously so. Some have argued the attention Adage gets at the expense of poorer downtown residents suffering under Simpson’s filth raises challenges to the notion of social justice.

I’d like to PROPOSE the following:

Purchase a 2nd air monitoring station (and equipment) similar to the existing one on the roof of Mason County General Hospital, to be installed in downtown Shelton.  A private coalition of citizens would need to purchase it for timely data gathering.  The expense would be less than the attorney hired by Concerned Citizens and likely more valuable in providing FACTS for future court consideration.

Simpson: A Filthy Dirty Anachronism

Shawnie has photo-documented this visible filth raining down on Shelton residents, 24/7. The invisible, more harmful portion is even deadlier. Our County Sheriff should be invited to host the installation on the roof of his new downtown quarters paid for at taxpayer expense.  It would demonstrate the meaning of “to protect and to serve”.

It would also provide verifiable data/facts to argue Simpson is a filthy dirty anachronism whose jobs relevancy is currently little more than a historical footnote and HAS to go in the future chemical trespass lawsuits certain to come as a result of its pollution. Moreover, such a station would not only help protect the community, but would be available long after any attorney has forgotten how to spell ‘Shelton’, the town that choked on its own hubris.

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Opposed to politicians who equivocate about air quality & BioMassacre
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  1. Mossy Mom says:

    There you go violating my copyrights again. Time for a DCMA take down notice to godaddy.com
    -Shawnie Vedder-
    aka: ‘Fred’/Laura Wilson/Mossy Mom/ vedsha31@evergreen.edu/goldensound22@hotmail.com/
    shawnv@u.washington.edu/sheltonprogressive@gmail.com; manhater@gmail.com; csxii@schizoaffective.org; csx@schizoaffective.org; http://mosswalks.blogspot.com/; http://sheltonprogressive.blogspot.com/
    1017 W Franklin St [tel. (360)432-8114]
    Shelton, WA 98584-2552

    Prior litigation against:
    Scott P Turchin (child support; Kitsap case #:98-9-00898-6/#:07-3-00180-3)
    (Mason case #:97CV00740)
    7632 Colony Ct NE
    Bremerton, WA 98311-9337
    (360) 698-8483

    • admin says:

      Shawnie, Mossy Mom, ‘Fred’, etc. etc. has been afflicting others for as many years as she has been mentally ill…i.e. a very long time, such as what you’ll find posted by one of her targeted victims at the following link:


      This was raised as recently as December, 2009, referencing a woman who feigns hysteria over her own privacy and safety, lies under oath while attempting to pursue a frivolous lawsuit in violation of RCW 4.24.525. She’s dangerous, has vandalized my mailbox and poisoned (killed) 2 of my Nubian bucks–all in the same approximate time frame. I will be posting the audio of that proceeding once the court clerks get the lead out and produce what I’ve paid for.

  2. admin says:

    It’s ‘fair use’, please dry up! (Or as Katherine might say, “Get over it.”) It’s part of the news which YOU have made it and become yourself. It does not ‘injure’ you in any way, it is attributed to you, no economic impact on you is demonstrated, your carping has become retaliatory and harassing…as well as off topic. Your agenda would be better served continuing to manipulate Becky Penoyar. She hasn’t figured it out yet like your buds on http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7987649:
    [**Note–Shawnie deleted the nwhikers.net exchange but it has been effectively preserved as follows:]

    Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:21 pm

    “You do realize by posting the link that you GREATLY increased the hit count at that site and are thereby encouraging this person.

    i.e. if you ignore it, its more likely to go away, and the 3 people reading the blog doesn’t escalate into hundreds (or similar proportions) by YOU sending people there.

    Does anyone actually READ that blog? I must admit to skimming and not sticking on anything in it. Can’t say I would go back to it either.

    Are you REALLY suffering from this undoubtedly technically illegal use of your photo?

    I get about 1500 to 5000 hits a WEEK on Webshots on my non-watermarked photos posted there, and a few downloads. I am sure a few of them “wander” into other sites and uses. I have had 2 requests for permission to use my photos over the years. I find I just can’t sweat the small stuff. Heck on THIS site those same photos don’t even get a glance. I feel flattered that anyone thinks enough to “steal” them.

    Now if I was making my living selling photos, it might be different.” -boot up-

    Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:54 am

    “Good I’m glad that the dude got millions of hits from my link, he and I are actually on the same side.

    Now back to the serious stuff … this copyright image was used by Port Commissioner as part of his rebuttal to his recall petition. It was distributed to dozens of people via a messenger service, not a process server, a messenger service.

    I wonder what the law is here? His claim was that my photo spoke to the motives of the 14 people who signed the recall petition, I was one of those 14. In law the motives of the peitioners in a recall petition does not have any bearing on the case. When the case went to hearing yesterday the pictures were never mentioned because they were not relevant.

    Not that I intend to do anything about it either way, but what is the law on this type of use of copyright materials? I think this could be fun to discuss. Once again I’m not looking for a bunch of spray.” -Mossy Mom, aka:Shawnie Vedder-

    Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:50 am

    Mossy M0m wrote:
    Good I’m glad that the dude got millions of hits from my link, he and I are actually on the same side.

    “You have a crazy way of working with your allies.” -Dayhike Mike-

    Mossy M0m wrote:
    I think this could be fun to discuss.

    “Methinks you’re just an attention whore.

    People have finally started to ignore your bullsh## rants and diatribes, so your new tactic is to feign indignation to send us to some shitty, poorly constructed blog.

    For shame.” -Dayhike Mike-

    Mossy M0m wrote:
    Once again I’m not looking for a bunch of spray.

    “Neither are we when we visit NWHikers.net, and yet we have to tolerate your nonsensical ramblings and incessant vapid propaganda.” -Dayhike Mike-

    Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:30 pm

    “Well by posting the link it just promotes it all which may have been the original intent in the first place…

    click click web hits…” -Tigermn-

    Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:19 pm

    “I don’t really care either way.. I just want to discuss photography rights management type stuff.. I don’t read his blog but don’t mind if others do. So how about the right to use copyright material in an irrelevant rebuttal?” -Mossy Mom, aka:Shawnie Vedder-

    Plus, I’m not entirely sure how an ‘anonymous’ entity, as you seem/try to be, can claim COPYRIGHT in anything!

    So…I thought you “didn’t read my Blog”, Shawnie? Not to put TOO fine a point on the mental/emotional stability of someone trying to destroy 1st Amendment rights here (including ‘fair use’) but I believe your e-mail to me sheds light on this issue, at least in the context of how YOU are pursuing it:

    From: “shawnv@u.washington.edu”
    To: Amicus Curia Sent: Sat, November 6, 2010 10:14:56 PM
    Subject: theft

    “So why don’t you start stealing Clint’s pictures from Jon’s blog?
    Afraid to pick on a man? You’re just a bully. Karma is not going to
    be kind to you.”

    From: “vedsha31@evergreen.edu”
    To: Amicus Curia Sent: Thu, November 4, 2010 9:43:17 PM
    Subject: dlkn’\\\\

    “I am not the enemy please stop hurting me. Please take down my name
    and my picture. If you keep this up I’ll just give up this biomass
    fight and delete my blog. If you really care about stopping biomass
    you will stop going out of your way to hurt me. I’ve taken down
    everything of yours just like you asked so stop hurting me. All you
    are doing is discouraging me from fighting biomass. Is that what you
    really want?

    You’re in my kill filter and have been for sometime so I will not see
    anything you send me but I will see if you take down my picture.
    Please I’m begging you, just leave me alone, don’t steal my stuff and
    stop hurting me. You are causing me and my family extreme distress.
    Please stop!”

    From: “vedsha31@evergreen.edu”
    To: Amicus Curia Sent: Sun, October 24, 2010 10:53:53 AM
    Subject: Re: united we stand – divided we fall arguments — follow up suggestion: Laura Lewis for County Commissioner

    “You’re an asshole and I’m sorry I ever met you. DO NOT SENT ME ANY
    MORE EMAIL OR I WILL REPORT YOU TO YOUR ISP.” [This was in response to a post on my Blog supporting Laura Lewis for County Commissioner.]

    From: “shawnv@u.washington.edu”
    To: Amicus Curia Sent: Sun, October 24, 2010 1:29:00 PM
    Subject: Do not sent me email
    [SLAPP/DOS Harassment/Vacuous Threat to Seek a Restraining Order via Perjury?]

    “That TOS has been there for months. You need to learn to read what
    you sign. Your ISP has been contacted. Don’t make me get a no
    contact order.” -Mossy Mom, aka:Shawnie Vedder-

    Shawnie has MANY aliases, many accounts…I don’t know why or care. One that caught my eye she used on my community Blog: manhater@gmail.com
    I don’t know that such an e-mail address even exists, but it’s the one she used.

    Yes, I now question what’s going on upstairs…whatever it is, it’s beyond my control. But I’m not going to be browbeat by it/her either.

    I can make ‘fair use’ of ‘copyrighted’ material, as I have here. Can I “deep link” to someone else’s website or blog post?

    Yes. Most people are happy to have other websites link to them. Indeed, “permalinks” for each blog post, to which others can link directly, are one of the features that have helped blogs and blog conversations take off. But some website owners complain that deep links — links that lead readers to an internal page on a website — “steal” traffic to the homepage or disrupt the intended flow of their websites.

    For example, Ticketmaster has argued that other sites should not be permitted to send browsers directly to Ticketmaster event listings. Ticketmaster settled a claim against Microsoft and lost a suit it had brought against Tickets.com over deep linking.

    See Ticketmaster v. Tickets.com.

    So far, the courts have found that deep links to web pages are neither copyright infringement nor trespass. No court has enforced a website’s terms of use that bar deep linking.

    Further e-mail from a woman who says she’s going to get a restraining order if I contact HER?:

    From: “csxii@schizoaffective.org”
    To: Amicus Curia

    “Clearly you are not opposed to biomass and your only real goal is to
    hurt me and my family by causing me great emotional distress and
    suffering. Ok you win. I’m dropping out of the biomass fight. I
    removed all of your stuff that I could find and still you persist in
    stealing my photo and hogging my bandwidth.

    Fine, do all your legal maneuvering take joy in your great victory,
    over a helpless poverty stricken family with a terminally ill
    breadwinner and a medically fragile teenager, take joy in taking the
    joy out of my artwork, the one thing that brings me relief from my
    haunted childhood, but know that you have deeply wounded me and my
    family. But you won, so I guess that is all that matters.

    I’m not strong enough to fight you so I give up and I’m leaving. My
    blog and all my photos, will be coming down today, unless something
    happens to convince me that I should keep it up.”

    It’s been said, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That *is* what’s going on here! Don’t just take my word for the ‘issues’ Shawnie has (which I have nothing to do with) but do your own Google search on terms like:

    ‘schizo’ ‘manhater’ ‘shawnie vedder’ ‘shawnie whelan’ ‘mossy mom’, csxii@schizoaffective.org, csx@schizoaffective.org, catfishii@schizoaffective.org, or the various aliases and e-mail accounts listed further above, etc.

    Frankly, despite all this, I can’t help liking Shawnie. She’s an original critical thinker when she’s rational. Her children are charming. Her husband is an English Gentleman…though with bad health. Shawnie is a great photo-journalist and passionate about the environment. I love her for all those reasons and more. Unfortunately, she hasn’t turned out to be a very good/loyal friend.

    Shawnie, I’m pleased you liked the flower bouquet you discovered I left at your home. I’m sorry you didn’t have the fortitude to allow your expressed appreciation online to remain after checking your surveillance cameras, or your commentary about Mr. Hupp, and any number of other online observations you’ve made/parodied. But to put it bluntly in your own words, “I am NOT the enemy!” Try to get over it. Or as Dayhike Mike on NWhikers.net so pointedly suggested, try not to be an attention whore.

    Apparently (according to Google inquiries) Shawnie has had some bad experiences in her prior relationships (a sample is listed below) indicating sophistication on how to manipulate perceived ‘authority’ figures, e.g. Becky Penoyar as an e-list host, whatever your ISP might be, websites, ex parte protection orders, etc. Moreover, she may have serious mental/emotional health issues…not that illness is a ‘crime’. But neither is it an ‘excuse’.

    According to web based posts, Shawnie receives SSDI benefits. That’s a federal Social Security program for those who are so disabled, they cannot earn a living or provide for themselves. It’s well known Shawnie is fit enough to hike the Olympics extensively while shooting photos of her trips. She’s more physically fit than I (young enough to be my daughter) as well as being very bright and well educated. But a person may be physically able while remaining mentally/emotionally disabled. That’s an easy explanation of how someone so apparently healthy can qualify for SSDI benefits.

    Some have unwittingly attempted to take up the cudgel for Shawnie. They serve as enablers. Others have criticized me for defending myself. This response is for the public record and any who care to inquire as to the details. As I’ve been unsuccessful in avoiding Shawnie’s threats, harassment, and manipulation of some of my oldest friends, I refer you to but one of hundreds of such internet posts by Shawnie, et al, at:


    “SHAWNIE’S STORY:” [as it appears in the above web address]

    “Why do I post these articles?

    I am not anti-med and I am not a scientologist. I think that there is a
    place for these medicines and I still take medications. But not SSRI’s.

    I do this is because in 1998 my HMO allowed my General Practitioner to
    Prescribe the powerful anti-depressant Paxil to me with no diagnosis.
    (Later my HMO pdoc screwed up and prescribed too much Risperdal and added to my problems.)

    After 4 weeks on Paxil I went into a terrible mixed manic episode. The
    result was that I began to have violent SSRI induced fantasies I was very
    afraid that I was going to murder a man.

    I went back to my family doctor and told him that as a child I had been
    diagnosed with bipolar disorder and spent ages 16-18 as a ward of the court.
    I also told him that I felt I was losing my mind because I was feeling
    homicidal and I was stalking a non HMO therapist that had sexually abused me years ago.

    I told my family doctor that I was afraid I was going to murder this man. I told my family doctor that I did not feel at all epressed. My family doctor noted in my chart that I was in a “cheerful” mood.

    My family doctor responded by doubling my dose of Paxil. I feel that he
    should have referred me to a psychiatrist possibly should have had me
    hospitalized and perhaps had a legal obligation to warn the man that I was
    stalking. (later a hospital refused to release me until this man had been
    warned, the hospital followed the law, the hospital is not part of my HMO)
    But he did none of those things. Instead he doubled my Paxil dose to 40mg
    per day.

    Needless to say my symptoms became even worse on a higher dose of Paxil. I
    went back to my family doctor two weeks after the dose increase and asked
    him for a eferral to a psychiatrist. I was then given the run around for
    three days while I desperately tried to get in to see a psychiatrist. My
    Paxil induced mania became so bad that I drove my self to the nearest HMO MH Clinic and asked to see a psychiatrist but I was turned away because I did
    not have a referral.

    I became so crazed on the Paxil that I drove my care around the clinic in
    reverse about ten times but no one noticed so I then called the consulting
    nurse and told her that I had become afraid that I was going to follow my
    family doctor home. I did not want to follow him home but I had become so
    crazed on the Paxil that I felt I had no control Over the situation. That
    got their attention and finally they put me in a psychiatric hospital.
    While in the hospital I was taken off the Paxil cold turkey!

    (“Antidepressant-discontinuation induced mania” is also a recognized
    phenomenon) and was diagnosed with a Medication induced Bipolar as a mixed episode.

    My behavior after being yanked off my SSRI cold turkey was erratic as would
    be expected.

    I partially blame my HMO for the behavior I displayed while on Paxil. I
    also blame my HMO psychiatrist for making my mania worse by prescribing
    Risperdal later. Risperdal causes mania in some people myself included. It has been three years since I have been on Paxil or Risperdal or done anything

    But my HMO uses my behavior while on Paxil and Risperdal and while coming
    down from the Paxil as an excuse to force me to go to the public mental
    health clinic and travel to another county to see a HMO psychiatrist even
    though he works right here in town one day a week. They will not provide
    in house mental health treatment for me, claiming I am a threat to their
    mental health providers.

    But they provide all services physical needs in house. Somehow they do not
    feel I am a threat to their general practitioners? It’s a dirty lie! My HMO
    Psychiatrist does not think I am a threat.

    I will probably suffer for the rest of my life because of my Paxil accident since it set off rapid cycling and bipolar can be a progressive disease and my HMO refuses to treat me in house.

    My HMO also makes it almost impossible for me to get on the medication
    assistance programs so that I can afford the very expensive medications that
    my HMO doctor prescribes. My HMO gives me NO PRESCRIPTION DRUG COVERAGE, yet my HMO doctor prescribes me over $400 worth of medications every month. I’ve been trying to get on the Astra Zenca sponsored Seroquel help program for four months now but my paper work keeps getting misplaced.

    My doctor and his nurses pass the buck and the end result is I don’t have access to medications that can easily be obtained for free with just a little bit of cooperation from my This month I have decided to give up and go on the
    cheapest mood stabilizer there is. It does not work but at least I can afford it.

    The expensive ones do not work either when I can’t afford to stay on them continuously and I have the constant stress of wondering how I am going to obtain my next prescription.”


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