BC (A)rsonists Boast, Threaten More of the Same

So called ‘Yuppie Development’ on the right

The following is re-posted from the Puget Sound (A)narchists site as a non-trivial example of the world envisioned by certain violent street radicals:

Vancouver, BC: Arson claim

Wed, 05/15/2013 – 11:55am

Last night we burned down a yuppie development on 1st ave near Victoria. We are tired of seeing our lives and memories being torn down one development at a time. We wish and will create fear for developers in East Vancouver. The class war is heating up. We have no intention on stopping. If we, if you, allow this continue you will be pushed out of East Vancouver due to rising rent and gentrification. If you are the cause of gentrification you should never feel safe

For a world where no one is homeless, hassled by police, the state or capitalists


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