Good Friday Bicyclist Loses Collision w/BMW on Hwy 101


Olympia, WA (4-18-14) — Traffic was backed up due to a young man riding a bicycle on Highway 101 near the Shelton exit ramp and Highway 8 who lost an argument, rooted in inattentiveness, with a BMW Friday afternoon. It could have been a fatal mistake, but he was seen sitting up in the back of an emergency vehicle while the driver waited for an investigating WSP trooper to complete his report and the ET’s to remove the crumpled bicycle from the roadside. The rider claimed he was ‘OK’ though he looked shaken.


The woman driver stated, when asked, the bicyclist had swerved in front of her without looking behind and she had no opportunity to avoid the collision. The moral of the story, at least for bicyclists, is clear.

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