Commissioner Sheldon Eulogizes Buzz-Saw Politics

Tim Sheldon eulogizes buzz-saw history of Mason County

Every 4th Tuesday, Mason County holds its Commissioners meeting in the evening (6:00 pm) to accommodate those who work for a living.  This most recent one (1-25-11) was lightly attended with only one local resident seeking to address the commissioners, on the record, during the open comment period.

Tom Davis requests Senator Sheldon's resignation

Tom Davis, a citizen at large firmly opposed to the BioMassacre schemes of Adage and Simpson, took the opportunity to clarify he was not a member of any organized group, nor did he intend any offense or personal slight, but he did ask State Senator Tim Sheldon to resign from his position as County Commissioner in light of his conflict of interest and ethics surrounding the heated BioMassacre debate in Mason County.

Tim Sheldon acidly rejects call for resignation

Of course, Senator Sheldon refused, chastised Mr. Davis for his ‘political’ agenda, took personal offense at the request as well as the suggestion Mason County was ill served by the BioMassacre scheme, eulogized the buzz-saw in Mason County’s official seal as representative of what was in its best interest, and boasted of his long tenure as a professional politician.

Tom Davis listens while Tim Sheldon accuses him of a 'tirade'

Yours truly was inspired to comment into the record at the sight of Mr. Davis pinned like a butterfly to the podium while enduring Commissioner Sheldon’s tart and long winded reply used to glorify the virtues of continued exploitation of our forests and environment regardless of the injury to the community, our health, children, future, and quality of life.

Tim rejects call to recuse himself from SB 5228 deliberation

Senator Sheldon was asked to recuse himself for ethical reasons and conflicts from voting on Senate Bill 5228 which would reduce/eliminate the authority of local officials from delaying/denying permits for such BioMassacre projects in favor of EFSEC, a State appointed body, effectively emasculating local self determination should a person or corporation opt to circumvent the same by applying to EFSEC for such a permit.

Few attend despite evening schedule; recent Ross Gallagher photo

Senator Sheldon opined on the ‘thousands’ of bills that are filed every legislative session. (It’s doubtful he’s read the language of SB 5228)  He went on to emphasize his wearing of 2 elective official hats has been investigated by Washington’s AG without a showing of any illegality.  But when reminded SB 5228 presented a specific conflict of interest between local jurisdictional authority and the State usurping said authority in promoting BioMassacre, Senator Sheldon reverted to the well worn argument that the simultaneous occupation of both postions (County Commissioner and State Senator) put him in a better position to serve both masters.

Charles Butros, Dir. Mason Co. Public Works, (360) 427-9670 x-463

This argument is a seductive one.  Ostensibly it would seem having power at the State as well as the local level could allow Senator Sheldon to do more FOR the community. Unfortunately, events have shown it also allows him to do more TO the community! Putting all our eggs in one political basket with Senator Sheldon had proven to be a grave mistake.

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  1. Tom Davis says:

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
    -Muhammad Ali-

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