Contorted Mason County BioMassacre Permit Logic

The Comment period available to citizens concerned about the destruction of our community, environment, health, and quality of life is ending soon for ORCAA, SEPA, and Washington’s EPA overseeing the official tongue clucking (but no action/remedy) regarding Shelton Harbor Dioxin contamination ranking among the highest in the entire Puget Sound. (175 – 902 ppt)

Sheldon-Hupp BioMassacre rationale

The merits weighing against rolling out the red carpet for Adage and Simpson while the County ignores failing bridges providing the only access for emergency services is galling. Yes, the facts are irrefutably grim, but the process itself is broken. Corporate money has perverted the process and our elected officials.  Our local judge can’t distinguish the difference between a meaningfully FUTURE/option consideration and an irrevocable contract due to the fact the contingencies within are virtual certainties, else why would the County already be widening access roads to the Johns Prairie Rd. portion of the Port of Shelton?

The FIX was sealed when our State Legislature (especially State Senator Tim Sheldon) passed laws not only making all this possible, but encouraging it.  This irresponsibility goes beyond our County and Washington State itself all the way to the very uppermost reaches of government in Washington, D.C.  ORCAA need/may only follow the guidelines set down in law by our State legislature.  Any appeal will be based strictly on the record and whether they’ve followed those laws, NOT on whether doing so was smart, a good idea, or in the best interest of the community and our children.  Even after the appeals winds its way to the judiciary, the review will be based on the record and whether the LAW (as written) was followed.  i.e.  Garbage in:Garbage out! When the deck is stacked at the outset, the odds of being dealt a fair hand vanish!

Because citizens failed to keep an eye on the legislative hen house and vote the foxes out of office before they destroyed all our nest eggs, we won’t be eating omelets anytime soon. An ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

Now we’re stuck on the track watching the big shots, the big money, and the locomotive hurtling downhill toward this small rural community.  No pleas to logic or the common good will distract these greedy corporations or their political enablers from irrevocably damaging what so many residents have worked so hard to preserve.

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