Dead Dad Exposes Corrupt Thurston Probation Officer

To hear Thurston County’s juvenile probation officer Sara Dotson tell it, she’s a modicum of restraint, a shy calm under fire peace maker who’s exceptionally gifted at defusing tense situations with ‘difficult’ personalities. While not the only variance from the facts by any stretch, her sworn statement of 10-12-11, wherein she declares a Good Samaritan accommodating a disabled young mother ‘threatened/intimidated’ her, says his behavior goes beyond any sort of normal reasoning–especially because he was not even a party to the case in question! [A case in which Sara Dotson was coaching/advising a rebellious teenager and assisting in terminating her handicapped mother’s parental rights without investigation/justification] “I have dealt with difficult people for many, many years and NEVER had any type of interaction like this before,” she dissembles. 

Click: Perjury Under Fire for a peek at the entire stinking mass of corruption in AH11-0208 cooked up/orchestrated by the man behind the curtain, detective Roland Weiss, esq., dissembling drama queen juvenile probation officer Sara Dotson, and the head hunting emasculating persecutor bent on letting no good deed go unpunished in Thurston County, Jennifer Lord, esq. This 3 stooges rat pack couldn’t work within closer proximity of one another unless they were literally sitting in each other’s lap–which may often be the case! If one sneezes, the other 2 catch cold.

But wait! One little detail is the dysfunctional origins of this ‘pillar of the community’. Dotson’s recently deceased father had quite a different opinion of her. Here’s his take on this light of his life who ‘NEVER had any any type of interaction like this before’:

Dead Father Reveals the underbelly of his ‘virtuous’ princess.

Her response? It’s been said people invariably return to what they know. And so it is here in Sara Dotson’s sworn response sounding very much like what she swore in #AH11-0208 and now #11-1-01711-1! Someone’s always ‘blocking’ her path, it would seem–this beacon of calmness under fire and unmitigated virtue. Perhaps her pals in the courthouse just don’t know her well enough–or maybe they know her entirely too well. The folks that really knew her were close at hand–her family. When asked during an interview on 3-12-12 about the petition, Sara lied, claiming her father hadn’t filed it, but her sister, Betsy Prehm. Betsy did file a lawsuit against her sister for a loan of $4,000 Sara hadn’t repaid, but that was much later–though similar to the father’s complaint of being out $100,000 to Sara. Don’t buy a used car from this woman.

Sara Dotson’s Tried & True attack/defense

Compare the above to the audio of her sworn statement in open Court in AH11-0208 on 10-25-11, about 20 seconds in–sound familiar? Click HERE.

But Sara won’t have to kick her dad around anymore, or her mother for that matter. They’re gone. They died within 4 days of each other and received a joint service for their family and mourners.

   Donald J.  RolstadView Guestbook
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Birth: 12/25/1925Death: 7/7/2010


Service Information:
A joint celebration of life for Donald and Mary Rolstad will be held on July 24th, 2010 at 1:00 pm at the Westwood Baptist Church at 333 Kaiser Rd NW, Olympia, WA 98502.


Visitation Information: Obituary:
Donald J. Rolstad
December 25, 1925 ~ July 7, 2010

A forty year resident of Olympia, Washington, Don Rolstad (84) passed away on July 7, 2010 from complications sustained in a fall.

Don was born in Bremerton, Washington on December 25, 1925. Following his high school graduation in 1944, he was drafted into the United States Army. Don earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and a Master’s in Social Work from Indiana University. Don served as President of the Thurston County Soccer Association for several years as well as President of the Western Correctional Association and Chairman of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency Planning Commission. He was also a Deacon for Englewood Christian Church in Yakima, Washington.

Don enjoyed operating/collecting/repairing and selling old model trains. He also enjoyed fishing, gardening and playing poker!

His wife, Mary, survived him by four days. He is further survived by his sister, Karen Rolstad, His four children, Peter, Sara (Randy) Dotson, David and Betsy Prehm. His eight grandchildren, Derik, Carissa, Lindsey, Reece, Joseph, Riley, Amanda and Jake, two great grandsons, Eladio and Elies and was expecting his first great grand-daughter in August.

Don suggests any donations be made to Community Youth Services or Haven House.

Please leave your memories of Don or condolences for the family by clicking on the “view guestbook” link below.
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