Digital Hate Mail from Olympia’s ‘Bob Johnson’?

Olympia, WA (10-29-14) — It’s been said nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet. Nobody there knows if you’re sane either. Normally the mentally ill quickly tire of inflammatory hate induced screeds to the editor of their local paper or community blog. This publication, however, has been targeted repeatedly by one calling himself ‘Bob Johnson’. The remarks are directed at who the writer presumes is the editor and accuses the same of “taking photos of young girls without their consent,” of “being hated by the community” and of not qualifying as a “serious journalist.” [etc.]

e.g. “It’s been obvious to me that you are a creepy misogynist from reading many of your previous posts, and observing how much of your free time is spent stalking and taking voyeuristic photos of young girls without their consent.” And, “Hopefully once you have a moment of clarity, and realize that everyone here sees you for who you really are, you’ll move to Alabama or Texas or somewhere where pushy white shitbags like you are a dime a dozen. You’ll feel right at home then, and can sit around drinking sweet tea and talking with the boys about all the young cunts you took pics of that weekend …”

Anonymity is prized by internet trolls precisely because it is so easily abused. Admittedly, ‘Bob Johnson’ is a pretty common name. But, an investigation reveals this particular writer pursuing a campaign of cyber stalking, thinly veiled threats, and harassment uses Olympia as his base of operation and Comcast as his access point to the greater internet world. Is ‘Bob Johnson’ known to this publication?–no, but his profile is becoming more familiar.

There *is* a Bob Johnson who owns Capitol City Guitars on Olympia’s 4th Ave. near Capitol Blvd.  If it’s the same Bob, it could explain his sense of entitlement and arrogance. Having attempted to insert himself in this publication, curiosity arose about WHO was baiting this community blog. The writer made it clear he was more than annoyed about photos publicly taken without permission, about “young girls”, and about excluding the object of his ire.

More research revealed the following intriguing facts about someone who may feel quite comfortable using the internet to launch personal attacks and intimidation:


Bob Johnson hizzelf


Misogynistic Behavior?


Photo Taken w/Bob Johnson’s Blessings


2nd Amendment Advocate


Definitely no Misogyny here! — Music, Music, Music!


Pink Unicorn as a Musical Motif?


Alter Egos


Homecoming Queen?

Culture wars aside, there may be a more sinister aspect of Bob revealed in the following Daily Olympian article and comments that followed it as reported in 420 Magazine:

420 Magazine article

 POT Bust Nets Teacher

LACEY, WA – A North Thurston High School teacher is among three Olympia-area men accused of operating a marijuana-growing operation in a Centralia home, according to Lewis County law enforcement.

Glenn D. Larson, a Spanish-language teacher and the girls bowling coach at North Thurston High School, owns a home in the 100 block of Davis Hill Road in Centralia that law enforcement officials say had a crawl space remodeled with an “unusually elaborate” setup for growing marijuana.

“Usually, we find extension cords hanging from the ceiling,” Lewis County Sheriff’s Department Commander Steve Aust said. “They had ballasts that were properly mounted. The wiring was done in a professional manner.”

Larson and Larry D. Williams both of Lacey and Noel W. Lieseke of Olympia face charges of manufacture of marijuana, a felony.

Larson and Lieseke were booked into the Lewis County Jail on Wednesday and made initial appearances in Lewis County Superior Court on Thursday afternoon. Both were released from custody shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, jail records show.

Aust said he did not know what Williams and Lieseke do for a living; he added that they are not teachers or professional electricians.

Aust said he was not sure how the three men knew one another but said that there was evidence that all three had participated in the grow operation.

There is no evidence that students were involved, he said.

The Lewis County PUD tipped off the task force after finding electricity improperly diverted to Larson’s house, Aust said.

Law enforcement officers found about 700 marijuana plants in various stages of processing, including 360 plants growing, during a raid Jan. 25, he said. No one was at the home.

Williams was arrested Jan. 29, and Lieseke was arrested Wednesday.

Officers arrested Larson after school Wednesday at the North Thurston district office, Aust said.

Larson is on administrative leave; whether he will be paid will depend on the outcome of court proceedings, district spokeswoman Courtney Schrieve said. She said district officials are cooperating with law enforcement and are working to get a permanent substitute for Larson’s classes.

Girls bowling, which Larson has coached for seven years, ended with a trip to the state competition last week for one bowler.

“It’s unfortunate, and it’s a distraction. But we’re about making sure that we can get the kids on track in their classes,” Schrieve said.

A felony conviction could affect Larson’s teaching license, even though the charge appears to be unrelated to his job, said Charles Schreck, director of the Office of Professional Practices, which has not started any investigation on this case because it has not received a complaint and Larson has not been convicted.

Teachers are expected to live up to a standard of “good moral character and personal fitness,” which includes not having felony convictions, Schreck said.

News Hawk- Weedpipe
Source: The Olympian
Contact: Front Page – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington
Copyright: 2010 The Olympian
Website:Pot bust nets teacher

But, WAIT–There’s more! [comments left on the 420 Magazine site]

by luva-live (01-14-2011, 02:04 PM)

Well, the teacher’s trial is set for Feb. 14. I (Noel) was slapped on the wrist (30 days home monitoring and 24 mo. probation). My deal was sweet because I did not give a statement to the police/court. What they didn’t tell you in the Olympian (though it was printed in the Lewis County Chronicle, Feb. 11th 2010) was that Robert Johnson (owner of Capital City Guitars in Olympia) who was the funding for the construction of the operation and labor organizer, was the one who turned state witness and gave an hour long statement to the police to keep himself out of jail. What a slime-ball! The cops decided not to enter two 25-gallon bins full of finished buds in the evidence list (which shouldn’t surprise anyone) and the district attorney has based his case on lies against the teacher, an obvious political and media attention scheme. It ended up there were only about 500 plants, and about 100 were ready for harvest–beautiful Romulin and Northern Lights. The power connection was done poorly, in very wet conditions (underground spring went right through there). One of the poles shorted out, which didn’t affect the grow space. Yet the house had lost the 240v appliances, as well as the neighbor’s on the road reported loss of their 240v service. I would suggest to keep your place under 8000w and stay on the grid. Open other operations if you want to expand. There were 35,000w at this place; it would have probably worked if it weren’t for the connection. It’s not worth the risk.

by Ratbobjohnson (08-04-2011, 08:24 AM)

That is a lie! Noel ratted on the teacher too! Bob Johnson ran up a $30,000 credit card bill at Home Depot. Bob Johnson from Capital City Guitatrs, who rolled and lied before he even had a deal, had his employees and girlfriend prune and cultivate with Larry, and Noel. Bob Johnson did all the electrical. He even tried to get his landlord, Sandy, in trouble, if it would have gone federal. He said Sandy is an east coast Jew, who made his money selling coke in the 70’s and 80’s; now he is legit through real estate. Bob Johnson is such a moron, he did not even consider the statute of limitations. He is a liar and a rat! Larson is innocent! It only takes 2 people to lie and get you in trouble, so look out people!

Larry Williams and Bob Johnson rented the house from Larson, who lives in Olympia. The house is in Centralia. There is a lease agreement with Larry Williams name on it. Bob Johnson sold and sells pot out of his store, Capital City Guitars, in Olympia, putting it in a guitar case. He also buys stolen guitars from a pawn shop in Centralia. Then he sells them on e-bay under the name “Bobby Vegas.” Bob Johnson was the ring leader. He got Larry and Noel to implicate Larson, then rolled on them!!! The truth is told!!!!!!!!!!!

by RaysDad (08-04-2011, 09:08 AM)

What a screwed up story from the beginning.

by Ilynnboy (08-04-2011, 01:47 PM)

F’d story. No partners ever!! Doesn’t usually work out well.

by THsea (08-05-2011, 01:45 AM)

This makes me very sad for this Larson fellow. From what the poster RATBOBJ says, it seems he had no involvement what-so-ever. Well, beyond owning and renting out the location.

I was kind of wondering if the house was just owned by one of the three (from the article) and it seems we have our answer. Bad times. I really hope he doesn’t get screwed over (further).

by Ratbobjohnson (08-07-2011, 07:47 AM)

Yeah, Bob Johnson walked away without a scratch. Larson owned the home with other family memebers. They built it for their Mom after their Father died. Bob the rat, could have taken responsibility for himself; he would have received probation.

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6 Responses to Digital Hate Mail from Olympia’s ‘Bob Johnson’?

  1. Wow, what an epic speculation. Seriously, you’ve outdone yourself this time. At least you saw fit to preserve some of his comments about you, because I can’t find any in the navigation bar to the right hand side of the page. Did you delete them? Or are you arguing with ghosts?

    By the way, didn’t you notice that he and I said exactly the same things about your photography of young women in public? Admittedly I didn’t suggest you move out of state. But you might want to consider when more than one dog on the internet says you’re pushy with women. They might be onto something.

    Wouldn’t the real Bob Johnston (the guitar shop owner, the one you picture with a rather large handgun) be more direct with his retaliation, if in fact he is the drug kingpin you seem to think he is? Isn’t it a journalistic sin to quote online anonymous comments from random people in 2011 while complaining about trolls, and the abuse of online anonymity, John Smith / Amicus Curia? What if he sues you? How would you prove you’re not publishing with reckless disregard, if in fact you spelled out your own malice in the same piece?

    Definitely saved this one for the archives, it’ll be a hoot in depositions some day.

  2. admin says:

    Mr. Hendricks, it’s already a hoot you’re giving legal advice when you can’t keep your own case on track. (John Towery) You can’t find Mr. Johnson’s comments because they were too scurrilous for publication. The difference between a journalist and a snitch hunter is in the details. The Daily Olympian is not an ‘anonymous’ source, but a major regional newspaper. The comments from 420 Magazine speak for themselves. So does the court record surrounding that case. The facts speak for themselves. They weren’t invented here. While nobody may know you’re a dog on the internet, it’s not always as anonymous as people want to believe. As to the two of you both obsessing about young girls, I don’t think you want to go there. Being a photojournalist often *is* about being ‘pushy’. ‘Permission’ from subjects being covered is rarely sought here unless an interview has been requested, and even then, not always. Mr. Bob Johnson attempted to insert himself into the editorial content of this publication–he’s succeeded. For a guy who trades in rumors and spends huge amounts of time/energy searching for snitches, your objections are curious. It might prove interesting to call Mr. Johnson and ask whether he wishes to confirm or deny ratting out his partners in crime per the 420 Magazine article (from the Olympian) and comments. On the other hand, you’re big on rooting out the sordid details of this kind of snitching–why don’t YOU do the heavy lifting? There’s an excellent basis to believe the person leaving the digital hate mail and the one referenced related to the 420 Magazine article are one and the same. If you were correct, Bob Johnson would have to make a case the allegations cited weren’t true. Truth, however, is a perfect defense. If Bob Johnson *did* turn state’s evidence and screw over his partners, aren’t YOU the kind of guy who likes to expose this?–particularly for someone so well embedded in the downtown Olympia street scene. It’s fascinating just how far ‘snitching’ in Olympia’s environs stretches once you begin to unravel that ball of yarn. You just stick to the gimmick about “young girls” though–that’s what you’re best at. Do you get excited on an idling bus?

    • Your answer contains several problematic statements, proofs that you cannot grasp the most basic of facts.

      Questions about your blog post are not legal advice.

      Your continued, mistaken assumption that I am the attorney in the Towery case; as earlier explained, I am not Larry Hildes or any of the other attorneys of record in that case, which is on appeal in the 9th Circuit (also known as ‘on track’.)

      The difference between a snitch hunter and a journalist in this case is that you’re neither.

      The Olympian might be an attributed source of the story whose commenters you quoted, but the Olympian did not claim that Mr Johnson was an informant. Anonymous contributors to 420 magazine claimed that. Then you repeated these unsourced, unattributed comments. This is known as “reckless disregard” in the legal jargon.

      Whoever wrote to you as Bob Johnson (who may or may not exist, who may or may not actually go by that name) didn’t obsess about young women. They, as I, pointed out that you publish pictures of young women on your blog which indicate that those young women are unhappy with your attentions. That’s not about our obsessions, John Smith. That’s about where you point your camera and what you think is newsworthy.

      I don’t trade in rumors, nor do I publish rumors. If you check my sites you’ll notice the main thing I publish is direct source material and light analysis. The main reasons I have not looked into these allegations against Mr Johnson are that I have no reason to believe they are true, and no way to contact the pseudonyms which claimed them.

      You’re right that if he were to sue you for defamation or libel, Bob Johnson would have to assert that the allegations are untrue; but I would imagine his lack of a conviction in the case will go a long way toward that conclusion, and your attempt to prove you took all reasonable care to seek his version of the story might fall a little short. Unless, of course, you have called him and attempted to ask him these questions and then left that entirely absent in your account.

      I have not lived downtown in Olympia since 2010, so I’m not sure where you get the idea that I’m embedded in that scene now.

      If you’re going to use a technique like journalism, you have to get such simple facts correct. You can’t make them up, and you can’t misconstrue your own tendencies as someone else’s “obsession.” That’s not how journalism works, that’s how confabulation works. Ask your doctor what that means.

  3. Amicus Curia says:

    Mr. Hendricks, you have promoted (as well as been central to) the John Towery case for years. It was predicted (here) you would lose no matter who your attorney is/was. Your co-plaintiffs haven’t fared well either in ancillary litigation simply because the state has no duty to ignore or refrain from monitoring those who have openly declared they are its enemies, wish to overthrow it, and have melodramatically ‘declared war’ against it (and society) or stated they ARE at war against it. Any premise to the contrary, that the state must turn a blind eye to its enemies, is specious and predictably will lose in a court challenge. No privacy attaches in public meetings or a group of strangers or even a conversation held by speaker phone where others are present.

    If ‘Bob Johnson’ is fictitious (he’s not), it’d be hard to allege any kind of harm to an imaginary figure. Moreover, your reading skills could stand to be improved: “What they didn’t tell you in the Olympian (though it was printed in the Lewis County Chronicle, Feb. 11th 2010) was that Robert Johnson (owner of Capital City Guitars in Olympia) who was the funding for the construction of the operation and labor organizer, was the one who turned state witness and gave an hour long statement to the police to keep himself out of jail.” It’s right there–just follow the sentences from one dot to the next. It’s also part of the official public record. Your sentiments regarding what’s newsworthy or worth publishing (be it Mr. Johnson’s dirty laundry or pictures of young women–be they ever so displeased or not) is immaterial/irrelevant. If you want relevancy in this regard, publish your own articles or submit them to those who will.

    Finally, it’s not all about you, Mr. Hendricks. While this may pain you, the world will go on without you. The reference to being embedded in the community (Olympia) hardly applies to you–it applies to Mr. Johnson. When you DID live in Olympia, it’s not like you had no detractors–you had many! After your divorce, it was discovered you registered to vote there, falsely claiming the Media Island house as your residence. Isn’t that voter fraud? It’s likely too petty for any prosecutor to pursue and is probably long past the statute of limitations…or maybe it was someone who simply used your same name? At any rate, your concern about whether subjects covered/published here have given their consent is ONLY being aired/published by way of further public notice that’s the case and editorial policy here: It isn’t required and it won’t be sought. The right will continue to be exercised in order to ensure it continues to exist, for without that exercise, it will surely wither and cease to be. Nor is it one that springs from the largess of government, but is inherent by virtue of our being–one we are born with. It is every person’s inalienable right to see, hear, speak, smell, feel, comprehend, sense, AND to document those perceptions. So long as one is lawfully present, and there is no expectation of privacy (save for the legal fiction of having to seek permission to do so in an open courtroom of law–a court of record, no less) the right remains as part of the fiber of our being. No one may encroach on the right, whether foreign, domestic, public or private. Ergo, your criticism regarding the same is rejected and will continue to be rejected as it is based on your biases/prejudices rather than natural rights/law.

    If Mr. ‘Johnson’ (and you have no knowledge of what communication has been exchanged with this person) feels the assertions are false, he had many years to make his objections known. It doesn’t appear he did so. Perhaps he hoped they would fade from the public’s radar rather than expose the full extent of his involvement at the time? You, above almost all others, should know throwing stones is ill advised when you, yourself, live in a glass house. Try to stay dry, Mr. Hendricks. Regards.

    • You predicted “we” would lose a case which is under appeal; “we” have not lost that case; I am not a plaintiff or attorney in that case, and you are apparently immune to these facts (which have been repeated over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, before.) The case is not lost, it is under appeal. I did not file that case, it was filed by others. I did not write that complaint nor did I join that suit.

      You mention ancilliary litigation. I have no idea what litigation you are referring to, nor am I a co plaintiff with anyone. Again, I am not a plaintiff in the Towery case.

      You mention that the Government has no duty to ignore its enemies; but you apparently miss the fact that the citizens are not the enemy of the government, it is the government which declared war on the citizens. Glad to know which side you’re on, you often pretend to be some kind of anti authoritarian. Clearly you are not.

      You repeat in your comment descriptions which were posted by anonymous sources in 2011 online. These are not facts, they are rumors. In which you apparently trade. You did not publish any reference to the official record so described, so I have no other means of testing whether it is such a record, or is your own invention, or that of another person.

      I never said any of this was about me. You did. I took exception, and calmly pointed out where your fact finding had failed. You are immune to any correction, thus proving once again that it is not journalism you practice.

      You accused me of a crime, voter fraud, based on… well, it’s not clear what that was based on. Maybe you can explain that some more. Apparently public records confuse you, or you think I did not live at 816 Adams Street in Olympia for a time.

      I haven’t claimed that you can only publish on subjects who have consented. The US Supreme Court has held that to be journalism, you may not publish libels and defamatory material with malice or reckless disragard for the truth. I suggested that by failing to call the business owner you named, you might have a hard time making it over that hurdle. The natural rights you enumerate happen to include the right to reputation and to be free from false light, no matter how delusional the speaker or writer may happen to be.

      Again, John Smith – this is not about me, it is about the abject lack of factual analysis or basis for your speculations and suppositions.

      • admin says:

        Good to know, Drew–> That you aren’t a ‘plaintiff’ in the John Towery case. However, given your promotion and involvement with it over the years, it’s a distinction without a meaningful difference. Thanks for clarifying whatever difference that makes. The ancillary case involved a litigant involved in the Port of Olympia demonstrations who entered a plea bargain to a criminal charge and then regretted it. At any rate, I haven’t seen much upholding the notion the government is required to refrain from ‘spying’ on its adversaries who openly declare they are its enemies–especially where they have no expectation of privacy. It will be interesting to see how the 9th Circuit words their decision in the appeal. Much of it is likely to prove dicta. We’ll see.

        With respect to ‘calling the business’ owner, that would be counter productive after communicating to ‘Bob Johnson’ he was not to continue his campaign of personal harassment/intimidation by electronic, personal, or any other means. He was put on notice, and that notice isn’t going to be rescinded. There’s ample evidence in the public records of the truth regarding the allegations others have made against him–they actually know the guy. Here, he is unknown. But, he’s no longer ‘anonymous’. That puts a whole new light on things.

        FYI, editorial policy here is to refuse to join ANY camp when covering what’s going on in the community/streets. To do so would destroy the weight/credibility of what is reported and witnessed. That’s not to say corruption in government, along with incompetence, won’t be reported in spades. The amount is overwhelming and visible just about anywhere one looks. It *IS*, however, to say the corruption in the people will also be covered without fear nor favor. Yes, the people are NOT the ‘enemy’ of the government–it governs legitimately with only their consent. However, petty traitors who declare they are at war with society (the people) ARE enemies, both of the peace and lawful conduct. There is room for the loyal opposition–opposition opposed to torture, government sponsored terror, wars of aggression, extraordinary rendition, the ILLEGAL spying on the entire population, US Prisons as we know them, and the corruption/incompetence in what passes for our judicial system. You’re correct if you suspect there’s an anti-hierarchal bent to such sentiments. HOWEVER, if the lifestyle @narchists seen in Olympia are an example of the alternative, we have no meaningful alternative at all. They are as prone to totalitarian tropes as government apparatchiks.

        With respect to you acting as a knight errant for ‘Bob Johnson’, you’re assuming the comments and public record reflecting his activities as published aren’t true. Yet you admit researching the same doesn’t interest you. How would you know it ain’t so, Drew? There’s plenty of reason to believe the record and those who know ‘Bob Johnson’ well. What evidence or material do you have that he isn’t what they say he is? Maybe you know him better than they do? Do you? It doesn’t look like ‘Bob Johnson’ has ever denied any of the assertions.

        Frankly, I condone your exposing government misconduct–if it is that. I don’t support baseless rumors and jacketing people as ‘snitches’ like your p@ls seem to. ‘Bob Johnson’ may be a good example of what to be looking for over your shoulder: not the government spy, but your p@ls, your p@rtners in crime. There is a lot of criminal conspiring going on among r@dical circles in Olympia and at TESC. The public has a right to know about it. A lot of crimes are blamed on the homeless there, but many of those crimes are conceived, planned, and carried out by lifestyle @narchists. The homeless may commit crimes out of desperation and an effort to survive. The lifestyle @narchists commit them to impress their p@ls and intimidate the public/society. Thus, they are properly construed in that light as enemies of the people. If there’s a side to pick, this publication chooses the one that defends/protects human rights. Those who deny such rights exist (and many @narchists have!) are properly viewed as enemies of the people whether they are government agents or private sector self appointed thugs. You have the blessings of many insofar as your efforts serve as a bulwark to protect those human rights such as they are. It’s the epitome of futility for you to imagine you can control editorial policy here. That policy remains to report whatever is thought to be of public interest/benefit and let the chips fall where they may–without fear nor favor. Sanctimonious pronouncements about photographing “young girls” without their consent will continue to be ignored. Republishing or linking what’s already public will remain fertile ground for investigating/reporting efforts to block the mission of this publication–muckraking: adversarial & gonzo journalism. We’re not your p@l, nor your @dvocate, but heartless bastards that will journal/report everything we see/hear worth publishing. The only exception to this is where someone demonstrates/pleads they are at risk of imminent harm by reporting their lawful activities–Edward Snowden comes to mind, as does Chelsea Manning. The American people owe them both a serious debt of gratitude. Their courage is monumental in the face of the most powerful government’s hostility on earth.


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