Hey, hey–spread the news. We just lost the biomass blues!

Adage is DEAD!

Adage has withdrawn its proposal to proceed with BioMassacre in Mason County…states no market for its ‘product’.

Port Commissioner Tom Wallitner confirmed, early this morning, Adage has abandoned its proposal to set up its BioMassacre shop in Mason County. Adage has claimed in a prepared statement the market for its product was insufficient to warrant its investment outlay.

Commissioner Wallitner expressed disbelief that carbon credits had been the driving force behind Adage’s proposal all along, that generating electricity was a transparent fig leaf obscuring Dupe Energy’s true agenda. Now, with a critical Washington State official (Peter Goldmark) publicly on board in opposition to this scheme, the Emporer’s New Clothing has been revealed: Adage was naked!

With the Thurston County moratorium on biomass permits, that makes 2 down and 1 to go in the immediate vicinity of Shelton.

Commissioner Wallitner claimed credit for the Port in bringing about this result due to the ‘stringent terms’ of the contract they negotiated with Adage. Legal expenses and demonstrated community hostility to Adage’s proposal may have had more to do with it abandoning its plans. Peter Goldmark (the elected head of Washington’s DNR) publicly expressed opposition to the scale of Adage’s proposal, portending an inadequate fuel supply for the planned BioMassacre.

Regardless of the details, a celebration of the power of grass roots is in order.  Tell yer ma, tell yer pa, tell all your friends and neighbors, not only in this community but in those others facing similar monsters. Surrounding communities should be invited to the celebration.

Adage Quits

p.s.  Some smug liberals hold the Republican Party in very poor esteem for a variety of reasons–some are persuasive.  But the problems associated with BioMassacre went all the way to the top including the Obama administration throwing money at corporations like Adage in the name of ‘cap and trade’ (carbon credits).  Without the promised federal largess, Adage couldn’t have been drug here kicking and screaming.  Now, with conservatives taking a bigger share of Congress, the federal pork has begun to dry up–hence Adage’s new found reluctance to pursue what was always a bad business model except for the taxpayer furnished dollars they were counting on.

MORAL: A balance of viewpoints is healthy for the democratic process (including those with which you disagree), and, the race goes not to the swift, but the strong!

Adage get its just dessert in the end

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3 Responses to DING DONG–The Witch Is DEAD!

  1. Gale says:

    Finally, the truth about this project: FEDERAL FUNDS…..originally my understanding was Adage had to start construction to qualify for the federal grant by 12/31/10 and since they didn’t they would lose the funding. Funny how this worked out. Grass Roots efforts do pay off for the people, in spite of the county and port commissioners.

  2. admin says:

    I believe there was some slight of hand allowing Adage to finesse that date by purchasing a boiler (or contracting to?) along with some extensions on the timing even though it claimed (when challenged) the federal tax dollars (75 million$) weren’t a motivating factor. The new Congress is definitely demanding some fiscal concessions from the Administration. Jay Hupp can be seen on Youtube warning his clients of the devastating potential of an unstable regulatory climate.

    Whether you like the new breed of US representatives or not, tenacity has rewarded Mason County residents. We can be justly pleased given how the big name politicians, money, business lackeys, unions, legislation, local officials and their sycophants were arrayed against citizens. I’ve never been so proud of my neighbors. Congratulations!

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