Wooden Stake/Silver Bullet Needed

The Adage monster is still twitching and may come back to life.

Blood Sucking Corporation

Tom Duponty, Adage’s PR rep, asserts public opinion has nothing to do with the decision to abandon ship. That’s no surprise. From the outset, Adage demonstrated it viewed residents as annoying irritants or obstacles to its profits.

Port Commissioner Jay Hupp is on record as stating area resources were there for him and his clients to get their hands on while denying he had any responsibility for the welfare of the community.

Mr. Duponty admitted Adage was searching for a buyer to assume its position.  ORCAA’s Gorden Lance opined his agency was inclined to grant the permit application Adage (et al) had submitted. Tim Sheldon reportedly argues Mason County is still a good fit for BioMassacre. A great deal of infrastructure expense has been committed toward that end in Mason County. What to do? How to irrevocably seal the monster’s coffin so neither it nor a surrogate (Simpson?) can again terrorize the community?

An Indecent Proposal:

CCMC is in the midst of a legal battle with the Port of Shelton and Adage in the Washington State Courts appellate system. A brief is soon due from CCMC’s attorney, Mr. Bricklin.  Adage/Port of Shelton must respond to prevail. But having chosen to abandon the field of battle, Adage is now more interested in recouping its losses. The Port of Shelton attorney, Skip Houser, may be inadequate to the task of appellate litigation. And there’s the question of Port finances in defending against the same.

The obvious solution is to make the extra effort to irrevocably drive a wooden stake through the monster’s heart NOW while it is in retreat. SPEND the $ needed to do so through the current appeals process.

What is at issue (legally) before the courts is whether the Port of Shelton erred by granting a fundamentally certain lease option to Adage before allowing the SEPA process to run its course, thereby ensuring Port Commissioners were fully informed of the environmental impacts and threats to the welfare of the community. CCMC may be in a better position to demand a stipulated settlement from the Port and Adage while they’re low on ga$…or to prevail outright. Should CCMC prevail, this could preclude an alternate’s offer tendered to Adage to bail it out and assume its place. The times to strike hard is when the enemy is in disarray and weak–NOW!

Once a judgment favoring residents is in hand, it will diminish the attractiveness of County Commissioner Tim Sheldon’s public invitation for new BioMassacre suitors. Perhaps Japan will serve as an object lesson to the appellate judges who hear this case involving hazards to the public and environment. After all, its unreasonable to believe the legislature anticipated all the dire consequences so many years in advance of Adage’s creation. This strategy is an important component of timing and building momentum toward removing the culpable officials from office.

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