Shelton LEO Chris Kostad shoots, kills barking dog

Chris Kostad

Shelton, WA (2-12-15) — Detective Christopher N. Kostad is a lucky man married to a beautiful, charming wife (Nicole K. Kostad) and her stunningly precocious daughter, McKenna. The problem is officer Kostad exhibits a pattern of poor judgment and gratuitous violence in his capacity as a police officer.

Natalie Johnson (of the Shelton Journal) reports Kostad shot and killed a family dog (black Labrador) while responding to a 911 call 2-2-15. His superiors have exonerated his actions claiming he did nothing that violated State law or department policy. The dog was a 13-year old family pet named Buck. Danna Kamppi stated in an online petition to fire and prosecute Kostad that has gathered over 1,500 signatures from outraged dog lovers. Danna eulogized Buck as a “good, happy dog”.  “My dog was shot for barking at a stranger,” she said.

Jack Miles, a previously elected public official with the Port of Shelton had the following observations about Kostad: “…But when people like me who testified against CHRIS KOSTAD, a Shelton, WA COP, who I witnessed assault a suspect, while in custody. The suspect was face down.  KOSTAD had a boot on the suspects back, then drove that same boot into the back of his head knocking him out and breaking his jaw. I knew officer KOSTAD in general, having been an elected official at the Port of Shelton. In fact, I knew most of the law enforcement personnel in the Shelton-Mason County area. However, my character was attacked. I was intimidated one night while driving.

One elderly woman was driving Kostad’s mother-in-law to his home a few years ago. She recounted how Kostad approached her vehicle with drawn pistol, not being familiar with the vehicle or its driver. Officer Kostad appears to be entirely too fond of touching his gun, gratuitous excess as a LEO, and poor judgment. After the boot kicking incident referenced above (followed by a federal lawsuit naming Kostad as a defendant), he was promoted to detective in the Shelton police dept.

Kostad stated in his report the dog (Buck) approached him and was within 6 feet, ears pinned back and teeth bared when he shot him. The owner (Kamppi) says buck was 10 feet from Kostad. An accompanying officer (Fiola) reported the dog had just stepped onto the city street when it was shot.

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  1. Tim says:

    Is this journalism or an elementary school student’s report?

  2. Matthew wood says:

    This guy is a wimp scared of a barking dog.

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