DV Hypocrisy: Bar to Persecution?

Deputy Prosecutor Dan Crawford’s Past Comes Calling

Daniel Crawford, esq.–Mason Co. Deputy Prosecutor

Shelton, WA (10-15-18) — Daniel Crawford served his country as a Marine. He later went to law school, passed the bar, and was admitted to practice law in Washington State 7 years ago.  Then he hired on as a deputy prosecutor under Mike Dorcy.  Despite Crawford’s handling of the prosecution of the  most serious crimes in Mason County Superior Court, any background check was cursory at best.

Dan Crawford has been zealous in his passion for justice and punishment under the law, perhaps especially in Domestic Violence cases.  Dan is, naturally, a law enforcement agent as well as an officer of the court in his current capacity.  Prosecutors are expected to carry, if for no other reason, then for their own protection–something a Marine would easily understand.  But a Domestic Violence conviction/finding bars possession/control of a firearm.  Dan claims he wasn’t aware he was barred (contrary to his own sworn declaration in 1998!) and hastened to remedy his handicap earlier this year when, once Dorcy was informed of the problem, he was told he’d best take care of it.

Acting on Dorcy’s advice, Crawford filed a petition to have the lifetime restraining order imposed against him by a Pierce Co. Superior Court for DV lifted earlier this year.  He succeeded.  Still, are the optics all wrong, is the appearance of fairness principle violated by a reformed alcoholic or abuser persecuting defendants for the same offense?  Moreover, does this conundrum reflect on elected prosecutor Dorcy’s judgment in who he hires/retains for such prosecutions?  DV is, after all, a serious offense spanning every income bracket, ethnic profile, and demographic.  It is endemic.

Yet, perhaps of necessity, when Dan argues a DV case before a jury, he infers that he and the jury are sufficiently virtuous to cast the first stone…regardless of how fragile the glass houses in which they reside(d).

How fragile is Dan’s glass house? Read the following declarations from a 1998 DV dispute and draw your own conclusions:

Crawford v. Crawford, PCSC No. 98-2-02332-1 (DV)


Crawford v. Crawford slams Persecutor’s character



“My office got a call yesterday from an inmate at the jail.  He said that the rumor in the jail is that 3 or 4 deputy prosecutors are quitting because [REDACTED] is putting too much pressure on them.  Don’t know if that’s true, but 3 have said they are quitting, including the very aggressive and unreasonable Daniel Crawford.  Crawford takes the position that if the guy won’t plead guilty as charged, he is evading responsibility and so Crawford will add as many additional charges as possible, even if it means the defendant will do many times more prison if convicted.  He thinks that is fair and so does Dorcy.  I think it’s immoral and have told them so.  I have two felony cases where they are so unreasonable that I applied maximum pressure, and was met with a motion to disqualify me from the case for a non-existent conflict of interest.  Which took all my time away from defending my clients.”


“My office got a call from an inmate in the jail; the guy said it is going around the jail that three deputy prosecutors are quitting because [REDACTED] is putting too much pressure on them.

All I’m doing, though, is demanding that they actually follow the law.  Futile, because they don’t seem to know any law.  But I did hear that Daniel Crawford, Karin Thuma and Paul Harrison are all quitting.   [Editor’s note: Due to this article?]

Karin is the only decent person in the bunch, and she is quitting because Dorcy doesn’t let her try enough cases.  I think she’s been there longer than Crawford, but he was promoted to adult felonies over her.

I don’t blame her; it sounds sexist, but please do not use my name if you print any of this; the prosecutor’s office and sheriff’s office are trying to get rid of me.  I’ve been through that before on the [REDACTED] case and it was not fun..”

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