German Dioxin Crisis Presages Our Own

Given Mason County’s Oakland Bay has become Puget Sound’s worst hotbed of Dioxin contamination (175 – 902 ppt) in Shelton Harbor sediments, the lack of local food chain testing for Dioxin in light of the current German contamination news is chilling.

Most toxic chemical known with NO 'safe' level

The government has required

Jan 07, 2011 (SmarTrend News Watch via COMTEX) — German authorities have called on more than 4,700 farms to stop selling meat and eggs as a precautionary measure after animal feed was discovered to have been contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals, namely dioxins.

A mother cares for her Dioxin afflicted baby

South Korea and Slovakia have stopped the sale of German imported animal products Friday, while Britain and the Netherlands are investigating the extent of the contamination. (What action would these governments take regarding Mason County shellfish, et al, if they were alerted to the Dioxin contamination levels in Oakland Bay?)

Health effects in animals exposed to Dioxin

Germany’s Agriculture Ministry said there have been no immediate reports of health issues related to the contaminated products, but it was halting the sale of these products until tests can be carried out later today.

“If it is confirmed that the company knew since March that its fat was tainted but it did not inform authorities, then that is highly criminal activity,” Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner told n-tv television.

Officials believe around 150,000 tons of feed for poultry and swine containing industrial fat with dioxins were fed to livestock across Germany.

Dioxins are contaminants that often result from industrial combustion and other chemical processes. Exposure to Dioxins at high levels is linked to an increased incidence of cancer, birth defects, immune system suppression, and child development/learning retardation. Dioxin levels tend to be highest in eggs because of the high fat content in eggs.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into the company Harles & Jentzsch GmbH on suspicion that the company knew of possible dioxin traces in the feed, but failed to alert authorities.

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