Houses: Take Back Power To Impeach Judges – John A Gentry

Oct 16, 2020 NASHVILLE

I fight hard to restore judicial accountability of corrupt judges presently held above the law and who perpetrate crimes against the people with impunity. The Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct is repugnant to the Tennessee Constitution and must be abolished, and the power of impeachment restored to the legislative houses.

All other candidates seeking office, or in office, do not have the courage, intellect, or integrity to stand in defense of justice against a judiciary where admitted corruption runs rampant.

Take a stand with me to secure the Blessings of Liberty and JUSTICE to ourselves and our Posterity. All Tennessee – WRITE IN “JOHN GENTRY” FOR U.S. Senate, the only constitutionally competent candidate fighting to end govt corruption, restore the republic and restore rights of the people.

Vote “JOHN GENTRY” on the ballot – Tennessee state Senate, District 18; Sumner, Trousdale, and part of Davidson Counties.

Humbly stated, my work is as profoundly important as when our forefathers declared independence from Great Britain.

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God Bless, God’s Speed To Us all, and IN GOD WE TRUST
John A Gentry, CPA, constitutional republican campaigning as Independent

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