It was Beauty that Killed the Beast

The beautiful folks of Mason County, through their perserverance, have killed the Monster, Adage, that was terrorizing the community.

Ever Vigilant, Ever Faithful

Adage’s undoing came about as a result of several serendipities:

1)  Community activists alerted residents to the political corruption and danger to the environment as well as all who lived in the area.

2) Barbara Adkins, a Mason County employee with the Community Development Dept. as well as a young mother, took a courageous stand in questioning the glib assumptions of the Adage petition for a permit.

Letter from CCMC to Barbara Adkins requesting EIS for Adage

3) A newly elected more conservative US Congress dried up the federal pork that was fueling voraciously predatory companies like Adage. Ironically, the very conservatives who so often support business interests over human values, balked at imposing a carbon tax on US Businesses. This effectively gutted the admitted rationale for Adage’s existence, which was to funnel carbon credits to its parent, Dupe Energy…electrical energy production being the PR scheme for justifying the torching of Northwest forests for Adage’s ‘cap and trade’ leveraged strategy.

4) CCMC implemented a legal ‘war of attrition’ against Adage, calculating that with time, a solution to the impending environmental disaster might arrive while the courts weighed the merits of its claims. The community gave CCMC its money and whole hearted support.

5) Hearings (such as ORCAA’s 1-31-11 @ Shelton Civic Center) and multiple rallies allowed citizens to hear their own voices, creating the necessary inspiration and solidarity to defeat Adage’s scheme.

6) Duff Badgley, an environmental activist, sharply criticized Peter Goldmark, the head of Washington’s DNR, for failure to protect this State’s forests from BioMassacre in a guest column published by the Seattle Times. Shortly thereafter, Peter Goldmark issued a public correspondence/statement to Mason County Commissioners criticizing the Adage proposal and inveighing against it. This raised the likely specter of Adage’s proposed fuel source becoming unavailable, at least from DNR land.

Peter Goldmark letter to Mason County Commissioners slamming Adage

7) Mike Dorcy, recently elected Mason County Prosecutor, issued a formal legal opinion substantiating Barbara Adkins, et ux, in determining an EIS (environmental impact statement) would, under Washington State law, be legally mandatory before the Adage BioMassacre plant could become operational.

8) Within days after the Dorcy opinion was issued, Adage announced it was withdrawing its effort to set up shop in Mason County. Adage PR shills argued public opinion has little/nothing to do with this decision, that it resulted from a lack of market interest in ‘renewable energy’, i.e. Adage’s “product”.

Mike Dorcy official legal opinion supporting Barbara Adkins’ determination

You’ll meet some beautiful people there

9) News of this turn of events spread almost instantly prior to the official release of Adage’s announcement. Adage had begun to run out of $ despite its claim of 250 million$ from its parent company, Dupe Energy. With the federal largess of 75 million$ looking increasingly unlikely with the new US Congress, and Dupe casting a jaundiced eye on Adage’s unrequited endless expenses, parent and shell company decided to pull the plug instead of digging deeper in a hole of their own making. Greed and a bad business model could not overcome a committed community once it had been educated and aroused. Residents gathered in impromptu celebrations and congratulated one another.

BioMassacre Fact Sheet for those arriving late to the party

Assorted documents pertaining to Mason County BioMassacre drama

Adage Terrorizes Mason County

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