It’s About Time…and a beast — Mark Iier


Mark Iier & Jess McKeegan

by Mark Iier (lyricist & musician)

Bags Of Friends; Raven Eyes; Caribbean Daydream; Dead Man Blues; New Orleans; For the Company; Key West Sunset; Upbound and Empty; Moonshine Peaches; Cross That Bridge; Cross Roads; The Lady & the Captain; Moments

What opening line do you never hear in a Blues song? — “I DIDN’T wake up this morning.”

Lyrics to Dead Man Blues by Mark Iier

Oh Yeah…OK…Let’s do us a little something in ‘E’…as in ETERNITY

Here we go

Well, I didn’t Wake up this morning,  had no light shining in my eyes

I had me a funny feeling that this could be my demise

The Grim Reaper came a calling

pointed his finger at me and said,

“You sung your very last number boy, your coming with me instead,

because your dead!”


“I said, you’re DEAD!”

“No more stinky noisy bar room gigs for you to bitch about,

because you’re dead!”

“What? Really? Oh man, that ain’t right.

I mean I was just gettin into living. But I got to thinking about it.

And I came to the realization that this might not be such a bad situation

after all, because you know…life is HARD.

Let me tell you about it:”

Well, my woman she divorced me, got a big settlement to boot.

She was living large and styling on that alimony loot,

She was taking all my money right down to my last red cent,

But now she’s gettin nothing, she can’t even come up with the rent,

because I’m DEAD. HaHa!

I said, I’M DEAD!

Well, her money tree just withered and there ain’t no more to pick,

 because I’m DEAD.

Let’s hear about it.

(Harmonica riff)

HaHaHa, yeah, that’s right.

But, you know, I got to thinking about it again, and realized

I had another situation with the government that I wanted no part of.

So let me tell you how that goes:

Well, I couldn’t pay my taxes for the last year or two.

The IRS was hounding me for what they said was due.

They said if you don’t pay the money boy, then you’ll be doing time.

But now they’re getting nothing, they ain’t even getting one thin dime,

because I’m DEAD! HaHaHa

Yeah, I said I’m DEAD.

I was living hand to mouth, but now that tax man’s missing out,

because I’m DEAD.

Yeah, one more time…let me hear it:

(Steel Guitar Riff)

Ha! That’s right. Yeah, I’m pushing up those daisies, baby.

I bought the farm…kicked the bucket. 

I am just a free floating spirit, no more bills to pay and no more day to day.

I’ve had it. I’m toast. I’m outa here.

Put me under, boys.

(funeral dirge riff)

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