Jack Miles Seeks Re-election as Port of Shelton Commissioner

Jack Miles has been stalwart in his support and dedication to the community. This community blog endorses him and urges you as well as your friends/neighbors to vote for him.

Integrity & dedication under fire


TO: Constituents of Mason County Port District 216

On June 7th, I filed my Declaration of Candidacy for Re-election to the Port of Shelton. It has been my honor to serve the citizens of Mason County. The road has been rough, but at the end of the day, I know as your representative WHO I WORK FOR!

Prior to becoming a Port Commissioner, I was appointed by the County Commission to the Mason County Housing Authority as a Commissioner. It was my honor to serve and advocate issues relating to low income housing. While on the board, I became a member of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials to help bring ideas of developing low income housing for families and seniors. I still see this as a critical need for Mason County.

As your representative at the Port of Shelton, I have always represented the interests of the public. I have proven that Big Business such as ADAGE, and those who lobby for ADAGE could not influence my abilities to represent YOU! I question how your tax dollars are spent and why. I expect the government to give the best quality of service you deserve.

I am running for re-election, not because I always yield results. I am running because YOU THE CITIZENS need a voice and someone who will ask tough questions and keep the elected officials accountable. I will never rubber stamp any decision without investigation. I haven’t won many of the battles at the Port of Shelton, rather, I have planted the seeds and have seen them grow through you, THE PUBLIC. I am forever grateful that Mason County has concerned citizens. and for your tireless efforts in being involved in the political system.

I have worked hard to protect the health and quality of life for you and your family. Even when it has affected my own health, and I would do it again. I look forward in continuing my efforts to represent you. Another company like ADAGE could try to locate on Port property at anytime, and OUR COMMUNITY needs a leader who is not afraid to take a stand.


Thank you for your support!

Jack Miles

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