Jay’s Farm-stand Produce Nixed by Shelton Officials

2011 Mason County Candidates’ filing and contact info.

Many crocodile tears have been shed by the City of Shelton officials protesting their defeat at the hands of the Pork District regarding unsuccessful attempts by the City to rezone 160 acres immediately south of the Shelton airport. But after touting the rout as blocking development and jobs, Shelton officials have prohibited Jay’s Farm-stand Produce from sheltering its fruits and vegetables under a tent/fabric in order that it might be protected from the elements and spoilage.

There is to be a hearing on the matter this coming Monday @ 2:00pm at Shelton City Hall. Candidate for Mayor, Gary Cronce, when contacted promised to be in attendance to speak out against a city building department which bullies and intimidates local businesses into oblivion. The local real estate association whose invitation to back room vetting candidate Jack Miles recently rejected has come out in favor of these kind of nonsensical restrictions despite promoting themselves as a jobs oriented organization.

Jays Farmstand, Shelton, WA

Just what business Dawn Pannell and the rest imagine will move to a city with the kind of industrial blight, air pollution, dioxin contaminated bays, harbor & estuaries, broken filthy streets & alleys, abandoned dilapidated buildings, or visual eyesore in the midst of its harbor is anyone’s guess. But after 10 years of her continued ineffectiveness at leadership or instilling civic pride, it’s time for a change–a change residents sorely need. And for those who quail at the notion of voting for ‘Mussolini’ for Mayor, at least the Italian dictator made the trains run on time…which is more than City Commissioner Dawn Pannell can claim.  A cursory look at downtown will easily confirm the obvious filth and disrepair blanketing Shelton.

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