Lucio Urtubia: Legend(a)ry Counterfeiter & Revolution(a)ry

There are plenty of (A)narchists in the world. Many have committed robbery or smuggling for their cause. Fewer have discussed strategies with Che Guevara. There is only one who has done all that, and also brought to its knees the most powerful bank on the planet by forging travelers checks, without missing a single day of work in his construction job. He is Lucio Urtubia, from a tiny village, Navarra, in the North of Spain.

CitiBank Meets Its Match, Concedes

Lucio Urtubia’s Life: Bricklayer, Forger, Revolutionary

The astute reader capable of critical reasoning and an attention span long enough to finish the longer video production may recognize the apparent contradictions in Lucio’s life–especially in his later years. A man who eschews capitalism, money, materialism, and greed spends much of his life pursuing it–both illegally (smuggling, robberies, thefts, burglaries, fencing, kidnapping, forgeries) and lawfully (army enlistment, bricklayer employee, entrepreneur) as well as negotiating with the Devil himself (Citibank), contracting with him, even keeping the terms while using the proceeds to set up a successful proprietary business for himself. Simply put, Lucio is a man driven by ambition and success, no matter how it’s measured, no less than any powerful politician or tycoon.

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Lucio Urtubia

Lucio can be seen in a certain light as protesting exclusion from capitalism as much as its existence. While his use of money he acquires through his schemes is infinitely more ethical than the banks’, his personal affairs (marriage) more conservative than his radical peers, he does not shun life by rejecting money when it’s offered/available…far from it. Yet he is not greedy. He serves as a useful mentor when he counsels his distrust of everyone, including his politically radical comrades–perhaps especially them. After all, it is they who argue politics/revolution is the basis and justification of the most deplorable acts. i.e. The ends justify the means. If you’re standing on the tracks when their train happens by?–Se la vie! It’s collateral damage rivaled only in scale by the U.S. war on ‘terror’ domestically and abroad.

“Everybody cheats to the best of their ability.” -Gramma-
“Anything worth having is worth cheating for.” -W. C. Fields-

We want your soul, Inc.

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