Misprision of a Felony/Tre@son

Olympia, WA (10-30-13) @ TESC Student Activities Office by Amicus Curia

misprision  (mɪsˈprɪʒən)
— n
a. a failure to inform the proper authorities of the commission of an act of treason
b. the deliberate concealment of the commission of a felony

(1)a neglect or violation of official duty by one in office.
(2)a failure by one not an accessory to prevent or notify the authorities of treason or
(3)contempt against the government, monarch, or courts, as sedition, lese majesty, or contempt of court.
(4)a mistake; misunderstanding.

misprision: in law, criminal misconduct of various types. Concealment of a serious crime by one who knows of its commission but was not a party to it is misprision. Similarly, the failure of a citizen to attempt to prevent the perpetration of an offense can be characterized as misprision. (See also accomplice; accessory; and abettor.)


David Agranoff

[Published by Earth First Journal ‘Informant-Tracker’]:

Informant Status: Agreed to become a government informant as part of a plea agreement related to Earth Liberation Front crimes in Bloomington, Indiana, more than 10 years ago. According to the prosecution at Kruk’s sentencing hearing, Agranoff began, “negotiating with the state on various issues” in 2009. In January, 2012, Agranoff was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day for misprision of a felony (knowing about the commission of a felony and failing to report it to the police). The court recommended he serve his time in a low-security prison camp. He also received 1 year probation.

Current Information: He was transferred to a halfway house in Seattle on 10-15-2012 and was released on 01-03-2013. He is currently residing in the Portland, OR and runs a blog.

Other Potential Misprisioners:

Emmiline Mead & Co.

Emmiline Mead & Co.


Emmeline Mead

Professor Pete Bohmer

TESC Professor Pete Bohmer

Maddy Pfeiffer & Co.

Maddy Pfeiffer & Co.

'Maddy' Pfeiffer

‘Maddy’ Pfeiffer

P1020107crp P1020115crp

Professor Bohmer did not attend the TESC 2013 Anarchist Convergence where literature extolling violent political acts including poisoning, arson, treason, vandalism, assault and lawlessness was disseminated. A photojournalist was assaulted and robbed during the event. When asked to help retrieve the camera that was taken from the reporter during the strong arm robbery, Peter conceded he could accomplish such a retrieval, but offered to do so ONLY if the reporter refused to have the perpetrators prosecuted. The reporter declined the ‘offer’ from someone he’d known for 45 years.


Remus Cordero/Brad, TESC Misprisioner & Leah Plante

Uknown Misprisioner & Co.

Remus Cordero/Brad, TESC Misprisioner & Co.

Lance @ TESC Student Activities Office

Lance @ TESC Student Activities Office


Remus Cordero/Brad, TESC Misprisioner @ TESC Student Activities Office 10-30-13 (afternoon)


Remus Cordero/Brad, TESC Misprisioner objects to photographer in Student Activities public lobby


Remus Corero/Brad, Maddy Pfeiffer & Co. swarm photojournalist in TESC public lobby


Remus Cordero/Brad, TESC Misprisioner attempting to intimidate photojournalist


Maddy Pfeiffer feigning a distaste for the limelight


Maddy Pfeiffer as Drama King feigning antipathy for the limelight


Lance @ TESC student activities public lobby attempting to eject photojournalist


Lance @ TESC student activities public lobby 10-30-13 feigning authority




The afternoon’s presentation by a pair of Nobel laureate economists went well enough until a venture to the TESC Student Activities office revealed Maddy and his companions frequenting the sandwich shop across the hall. After noting their presence and entering their den, they fled the eatery as though the SWAT team had entered, attempting to hide their faces from the photojournalist. The rushed across the hall and entered the Student Activities office. The photojournalist, who recognized them from earlier encounters at various street events/demonstractions, followed. When they came out of the interior offices into the public lobby a few minutes later, the pictures were taken. They reacted hysterically and aggressively to the point of being cautioned not to touch the reporter. They threatened to call the police unless the reporter left, but were told they would be ignored as he had business within the office and invited them to call the campus police (who are quite familiar with them) in any event. Lance appeared to be someone they were relying on to intimidate the photojournalist, but he refused to identify himself when he approached and ordered the reporter to leave. He was ignored, but continued to follow the reporter, physically crowding him. He only left when the office manager asked him to wait outside while she (and, later, her supervisor) discussed the situation with the reporter.

He learned that the student group (Sabot) which had hosted the (A)narchist Convergence the previous spring had been disciplined by being kicked off campus as an officially recognized student group. Maddy Pfeiffer, the reporter learned, was no longer officially part of the SDS student group on the TESC campus. The school’s student activities administrator offered to escort the reporter where he wanted to go in the interest of safety and avoiding another assault.


Remus Cordero/Brad, TESC Student, @ctivist



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