Neo-Revolution@ries Show Their Stuff

So discourse has become an exercise in who can shout the loudest or use the most vulgar language? Is this an example of the alternative? Crassness and verbal abuse are today’s currency in community activism? Lord, help us!

“I have seen the enemy, and it is us!” -Pogo-


OCCUPY protesters attempt to argue with AFP members until an elder teaches them shouting is easier than thinking.

Salish ‘Clown’ Harasses Elderly, Bystanders, Peacekeeper

Footage shot during the Seattle “Bring the Fight to the Banks” rally on July 20th, 2012.

One of the ‘clowns’ seen in the video was present at the 9-13-12 Seattle federal courthouse rally in support of the Grand Jury resisters.

Fool on the Hill

Fool on the Hill

Clown @ 9-13-12 Seattle federal courthouse rally for Grand Jury Resisters

Clown @ 9-13-12 Seattle federal courthouse rally for Grand Jury Resisters


Here, the Seattle police spokesperson shows great restraint and professionalism on May Day, 2013, a trait increasingly in demand from today’s LEO’s. The heightened training they receive today was sorely lacking not so long ago. Moreover, this officer’s professionalism discredits his antagonist better than any arrest could.

Malicious Clown Baits Seattle Police

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