Oakland Bay shellfish industry exposes World to Dioxin

Current news is about the Japanese nuclear disaster and the radioactive risk the world now faces.

Oakland Bay: Shellfish nursery & Hotbed of DIOXIN contamination

What hasn’t been as covered is the hotbed of Dioxin contamination in Washington State’s Oakland Bay, a prime shellfish farming area that exports internationally to unsuspecting consumers.  The bay is among the worst in the Puget Sound region with Dioxin levels reaching as high as 175ppt to 902ppt in Shelton Harbor.

Health Effects in Animals

This hotbed of Dioxin was discovered by Washington State’s own Dept. of Ecology who, were one to believe their press releases, is charged with protecting the public from such powerful deadly toxins left by industrial giants such as Rayonier and Simpson.  But in the agency’s more candid moments with community activists, they admit they plan on doing NOTHING to remove this toxic waste dump from our bay, our streams, estuaries, and environment. Moreover, Governor Gregoire has publicly complimented the department for supporting BioMassacre projects around the State–the very type of industry responsible for the Dioxin disaster in our local waters from the outset.

Studies of Dioxin's effects in Vietnam

The Dept. of Ecology put on a dog & pony show in an effort to calm the fears of local residents who didn’t want to eat the Dioxin tainted seafood. The Dept. crooned the shellfish weren’t so badly tainted as to be inedible. Many scientists and medical experts seriously question this presumption.

Dioxin fallout

More details, at least as spun by the Dept. of Ecology on this matter can be found at the following link:

Dept of Ecology tries to spin away DIOXIN risk arising from Oakland Bay

WA State Dept of Ecology declares Oakland Bay Dioxin contaminated shellfish safe

Washington State’s Dept. of Ecology did no study on the bio-accumulation of Dioxin in the local food chain.

2 cars in every garage, 3 eyes for every fish


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