Olympic Ballroom’s Hot New Orleans Jazz 9-7-14


Andy Hall, Jessica Blinn, Cal Neal, C Davis, Joe Baque, Paul Woltz

Olympia, WA — Toweringinfernoorchestra Jazz Xi’s C Davis New Orleans Quartet thrilled Sunday night swing dancers in this august venue across from Sylvester Park and above the Urban Onion.

Jessica (vocals and violin), ‘C’ (trumpet), Paul Woltz (bass sax, clarinet, et ux

Towering Inferno Orchestra plays 1920’s and 1930’s hot Harlem jazz orchestra music.

They also have a smaller band within the band that plays New Orleans Hot Jazz.

They have sound and videos on youtube.com:


and reverbnation.com

They are available for all kinds of events, from weddings to funerals to corporate parties and everything in between.

Monty Norris is the guy who hired The Quartet and runs the weekly Sunday Night Swing at the Olympic Ballroom where the gods and godesses dance the night away for a fraction of the cover charge prevalent in the Seattle area.

Jessica Blinn (vocals, violin) appeared w/the venerable Joe Baque on Piano, Paul Woltz (with his Big Bass saxophone & clarinet),. Andy Hall (trombone), Cal Neal playing his 1926 vintage drum set, and C Davis on trumpet w/his chewy brass riffs.

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