PBJ & Honey Go To Jail for Sitting in Olympia

PBJ & Honey express feelings of love during interview at the Occupy Olympia encampment for their community while relating how they were targeted, their 1st Amendment civil rights violated by the power elite in Olympia and sentenced to jail for sitting on their drum in a designated busking zone.

PBJ and Honey Discuss Jail Sentence for 1st Amendment Activity

UPDATE:  As of Thursday evening, 12-1-11, Honey & Jason were in transit via Portland on their way to California and a job. Neither had begun their jail sentence. It’s unknown whether Thurston will issue a bench warrant for their arrest, but likely. During the phone interview, Jason expressed regret but accepted responsibility for putting his wife and young child’s welfare before the edicts of Thurston’s power elite. A job, food, housing all looked pretty good to a homeless hungry father trying to provide for his family. Jason & Honey reckoned they’d settle up with Thurston’s persecutors at a more appropriate future date after they established a little more stability for their infant. All compassionate souls who have met these good spirits wish them well.

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