Pork Enlists Hansens as Knight-Errant, Straw-Man

Coming soon...to a primary ballot near you!

Pork Commissioners Jay Hupp and Tom Wallitner, along with Pork Executive Director John Dobson, have attempted to create a straw-man in their effort to confuse and divide the community with false innuendos such as antipathy toward support for a non-proprietary County Fair, ‘victimization’ of the Hansens, violation of RCW 42.23, improper use of Pork facilities, improper demeanor/deportment, assisting at least 1 Pork employee in filing a whistle blower complaint, improperly aiding that employee in seeking statutory whistle blower protection, aiding the public by disclosure to it of business, discussions, and minutes from closed door sessions the Pork claims as ‘confidential’ despite having no valid statutory claim to the same.

Pork Commissioners Hupp & Wallitner, Director Dobson glower at Chris Brotche'

Chris chastises Hupp for corruption, malfeasance, arrogance, ennui, hostility

Pork Attorney cynically calculates his fees (less service+bad advice=fatter paycheck)

The litany of Pork misconduct leading to the recall petition against Jay Hupp was and continues to be legion. Mr. Hupp is currently the most despised and hated elected official in Mason County. The depth of rancor the community holds for the Pork Chair (Hupp) is so transparent it has become visibly apparent as tension at Commissioner meetings between Jack Miles and Hupp inasmuch as Jack has refused to follow Hupp’s marching orders when they put the community at risk or effectively disenfranchise the public. For his part, Hupp has openly admitted he is there to serve business special interests, not the public. That is, in fact, what Jay Hupp’s own company sells as a service (access, shortcuts, eliminating/finessing ‘red tape’/regulations) to those companies that purchase it. His opportunities for graft, corruption, perverting democratic principles, favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism are greatly amplified by his current position as Pork Chair & Commissioner. The most recent Adage example was classic, vintage Huppsterism

Pork Chair Hupp scowls at Mr. Watson

Citizen seeks information from the Pork

Today, the abuse of the Pork Commissioners’ position can be seen in such forms as indulging the hand wringing hysterics of Rachel Hansen at public Pork meetings, deliberate unnecessary delay of fulfilling PDR requests for audio recordings of those meetings, interference with the exercise of making public comment during the designated times to do so, greasy disingenuous crocodile tears supporting the Hansens’ histrionics, the unlawful retaliatory firing of a exemplary port employee (Teresa Rebo) who had the courage to report to the Commissioners what she genuinely, in good faith, believed (and arguably was) to be misconduct on the part of Pork Executive Director John Dobson…the list goes on, but that’s the well established pattern. It’s all cut from the same warp & weave.

Pork Commissioners introduce motion effectively attacking Miles w/o notice

Hupp introduces, passes motion to deny Miles access after 4:30pm M-F

A community activist, Tom Davis, had his vehicle vandalized (tires deflated) while attending a Pork meeting. Mr. Davis was too much of a gentleman to reveal the name of the man he caught in the act. What is known is Al Frey, the Pork maintenance supervisor, parked one of its dump trucks in front of a political sign (violating the owner’s 1st Amendment rights) blocking any view of the sign located on private property. The sign was promoting certain ballot initiatives directed at the Pork including diminishing the terms of office for its Commissioners. Mr. Frey admitted he had blocked the sign because he felt it was ‘hurtful’ to the Commissioners’ feelings! Yet this is the same erstwhile boyfriend of Teresa Rebo who refused to come to her aid when she was attacked by Pork officials and ultimately unlawfully terminated in retaliation for her whistle blower complaint.

Ms. Hansen launches her tirade against the 'ungrateful' citizens of Mason County

Rachel warms to her script, recriminations

Ms Hansen expresses her 'disappointment' in the community

Pork Director Dobson nods in approval of Rachel's performance

Tom is visibly moved by Rachel's aria

Delicate phone abuser & giver of obscene gestures speaks of wounded feelings

Rachel throws herself rather than child under the bus on this occasion, blames community

Rachel tears up, flees podium & room in distress. Hupp praises her performance.

The following audio link contains the Pork Commissioners discussion (in his absence) of how to bar Jack Miles from accessing the facilities, testimony by a staffer describing Jack’s insistence on staying late to perform his duties, Chris Brotche’s articulate chastisement of the Pork, and Rachel Hansen’s (about 23 minutes in) demonizing (comparing it to a ‘rabid dog’) the community which volunteered so much hard work toward the Hansen’s proprietary enterprise. 

7-19-11 Rachel Hansen aria calls community ‘Rabid Dog’ – 23 minutes in 

Chris unsuccessfully attempts to mollify the inconsolable (always) Rachel Hansen

Al excused himself, arguing he was close to retirement. He was recognized/applauded by Pork Chair Hupp and Commissioner Wallitner for having been an outstanding employee at one meeting held during this time just as Teresa Rebo had been a year earlier.

Mason County's reporter for The Journal w/her dog outside the Pork bldg

Al, Dick, & John huddle outside after the Pork meeting

John mugs for the camera in typical Hansen fashion as Dick Taylor looks on

An embarrassed Dick Taylor tries to distance himself from his supporter

Perhaps feeling insecure in this snake pit despite the accolades, Al exclaimed during a later phone call with Pork Director John Dobson during their discussion of the ‘whitewash‘ so called ‘investigatory’ draft report acquired through the Pork’s insurance company, “You threw me under the bus you son-of-a-bitch!”  Pork Director Dobson reassured Al that he could/would have the report modified and, in fact, could modify it to say anything he chose. Mr. Dobson was unaware the conversation was on speaker phone and his remarks overheard.

$22 ticket for the fair?...you've GOT to be kidding??

At the 7-19-11 Pork meeting, Rachel Hansen took the podium to deliver a tearful, hysterical disparagement of her neighbors and local residents as ingrates for not fully appreciating her efforts to lease the Pork fairgrounds and host the fair event.  Despite baring her emotional ‘wounds/scars’ for all to see, this is the same ‘sensitive’/’delicate’ woman who later admitted abusing Teresa Rebo at the Pork during a phone call telling her, “I think you know who this is you lowlife piece of sh*t!”  The Pork Commissioners did nothing to protect the public employee when advised of this abuse, rewarding the Hansens, instead, with a contract to lease the fairgrounds property.

Rachel, after being asked if she’d uttered the abuse and admitting it in the presence of a small gathering outside the Pork meeting, then yelled the exact same obscenity at the photojournalist following up by flipping off the camera…this despite public comment by the same photojournalist explaining the rights of those taking pictures and recording the proceedings at these public events in a public venue only minutes earlier.

Photographers’ Rights

The remarks delineating 1st Amendment guarantees were compelled by Ms. Hansen’s shameless use of her small child to hide behind and attempt to manipulate coverage during the meeting, prompting a journalist to mutter, “Then leave the kid at home,” when Ms. Hansen tried to disrupt the meeting by exclaiming taking pictures of attendees was ‘inappropriate’ when a child was present. She loudly continued her objections later, after & outside the meeting, until confronted (again) with being informed she had no lawful right to insist on such demands in a public venue, that it was contrary to what had been acknowledged for years at the Pork, and she should be ashamed of using her young child as a shield to try to manipulate the proceedings while unabashedly USING her child in a vain attempt to garner sympathy. Rachel knew photos and video were taken at these meetings but deliberately brought her small child for just the purpose cited here. This particular drama queen/attention whore has a history of such histrionics familiar to those who know her best. It’s likely Pork Director Dobson foolishly considered harnessing this dysfunctional characteristic for his own purposes when he decided to enlist the Hansens in his cause.

Chris Brotche’ can be seen in one photo attempting to mollify the inconsolable (always!) Rachel Hansen after the Pork Meeting. The audio of Rachel’s tearful antipathy toward Mason County residents will be posted here when it becomes available, so check back. The ‘savior’ of the Mason County Fair wants undying gratitude on the one hand while characterizing the community as unmitigated ingrates on the other. The Hansens also want a substantial profit which Pork Director Dobson has admittedly committed himself to making an eventuality regardless of whether it passes the public’s sniff test. He argues it’s a ‘good deal’ for the Pork. But it’s an even better deal, given the length and terms of the lease, for the Hansens without factoring in sweeteners surrounding the fair itself.

Finally, in a brazen attempt to sweep aside any introspection or critical analysis of the bargain struck by pal, John Dobson, the Hansens’ ‘friends/family’ (Arthur L. Tozier) called to bully, coerce, intimidate, and harass for the purpose of censoring this publication and its editorial policies regarding that described above…a continuation of the Pork’s efforts to chill 1st Amendment coverage of its corruption and hostility to public inquiry intended to control those instruments of government citizens created to serve the people! E-mail responding to Mr. Tozier’s naked attempt to personally bully/pressure this photojournalist for having the temerity to report all the facts without apology follows:

TO: Arthur L. Tozier, Jr. (360)426-4373/(360)490-6766 401 W. Bourgault Rd. Shelton, WA. 98584

RE: Your personal phone call to my home attacking my rights as a photojournalist

Mr. Tozier,

With respect to the Hansens (John & Rachel) who you invoked as your purpose in calling, I have known you, your brother, and family going back as far as the late 70’s. I recall when your store was quite small and didn’t sell much beyond hardware as I shopped for horseshoes, farrier tools, and nails to shoe my horses. We’ve had cordial relations over the years. On numerous occasions unknown to you, I’ve argued in defense of your private property rights and against them being attenuated with excessive County bureaucracy and regulations diminishing the same. I’ve counted you as a patriot and committed farmer.

Your recent impertinent phone call attacking my fundamental liberty interests as a photojournalist, demands to know my income level from my work, and ultimatum drawing on the strength of the length of our acquaintance was disappointing.

I have taken photos of the Hansens at public Port of Shelton meetings (along with other attendees) over their objections. I have not ‘followed’ them anywhere or ‘harassed’ them. In fact, in every instance, THEY have approached/confronted me. You can find some of the photos I’ve taken (including theirs) at:


as well as a video clip taken (in addition to snapshots) at the Port meeting at issue.  

You may note strong words directed at Commissioner Jay Hupp toward the tail end of that clip which can be found at:

Audio w/Rachel objecting to photos vs. photojournalist rights proclamation

Mr. Tozier, you may consider those words, at this point, directed at you along with any other citizen who attempts to intimidate, bully, challenge, or prevent the full and open exercise of those rights listed in both our State and the federal Constitution, especially the ones included in the 1st Amendment. 

It’s been said a reporter has no friends. I’ve been threatened, harassed, beaten, bullied, and even arrested for exercising my 1st Amendment rights in as lawful a manner as ever there was. It’s a right worth fighting for. I may be an old man now, but I’m still willing to defend those Constitutional rights and the principles upon which this nation was founded.

You were unwilling to engage in any kind of meaningful dialogue. Your call itself was ‘harassing’ (and intended as such) including personal remarks, impertinence, demands I not refer to you by your 1st name (no problem), and references to a ‘family’ relationship with the Hansens others in your immediate family deny. I need not seek your permission or any other person’s for taking photos in/from a public place–INCLUDING whether those photos contain children or not! I need not offer an explanation of my purpose for doing so either. And, when I feel the photos are newsworthy or of cultural/artistic interest, I *WILL* publish them, hands down, period. Thinly veiled references to the Mason County Sheriff and ‘taking pictures of children’ or the sign advertising my paralegal business will avail neither you, nor the Hansens, or anyone else anything. 

Your insulting remarks questioning my income and the legitimacy of how I structure my time was also counterproductive. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your business benefits far more from our patronage than vice versa. It always has, since the 70’s. Frankly, I’m surprised you, having experienced official failure to respect your liberties and rights, would ignore mine in such a cavalier manner.  

So be it. It is what it is. You’ve hoisted your colors, and I don’t recognize them as American. That’s a shame as I’d always previously considered you one of my countrymen. This captain’s flag consists of the stars & stripes along with the laws and principles for which it stands. Your questioning my Viet Nam era bonafides was incredibly cheeky and personal. It’s evident you know little about me and my motives. Rest assured they are resolute. The best demonstration of patriotism is respecting and abiding by this nation’s laws. I recommend you give the same your best effort. Begin by taking the time to read the Constitution (the Declaration of Independence is equally inspiring), grasp it, understand it, and put it into practice. If we don’t exercise our rights, we WILL lose them!

ps:  The Hansens would appear to be adults and in slight need of your paternalistic interference. I’m supposing they can speak for themselves, unless they’ve hired you to be their attorney? If so, please provide me your bar #. You may, of course, pick your own friends, as will I.  The Hansens aren’t among them…and for good reasons, some of which you may find on the blog [here] I referenced above. I will be posting further developments as they occur and according to what I feel is of interest to the public. I will not hand over editorial control to you or any other…bank on it.

"I may not agree w/what you say, sir, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it!" -Evelyn Beatrice Hall-

Robber Barons’ Chosen Candidate & Chart of Contributions to their surrogate

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  1. admin says:

    The Robber Barons’ chosen candidate and contributions to their surrogate can be seen at:


    Stage II predicted: If elected, Taylor will quit/resign/die (he’s 74 and clueless) according to the pattern he’s established in previously held elective offices to allow Pork Chair Jay Hupp & Commissioner Tom Wallitner to hand pick his successor…ergo, “Mission Accomplished!” This non-starter is rarely seen at community events but due to having been around almost as long as the moon, has name familiarity among paleontologists. Like ancient seabed crusts, he’s brittle and demonstrates little inclination to engage citizens inquiring into what he has to offer or plans to bring to the table. CLUE: When in doubt, FOLLOW THE $! There’s your answer.

    Admittedly having been an ardent supporter of Adage during that rapacious company’s brief tenure terrorizing Mason County and despite citizens’ unprecedented resistance to the proposal, he is unrepentant.

  2. admin says:

    The 7-19-11 Rachel Hansen aria calls community ‘Rabid Dog’ – 23 minutes in audio clip has finally been posted in the above article as promised. Some lengths were gone to in order to find a host without a lot of pop-up ads which allows audio files of this length (30 minutes) or more.

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