Roslynne Reed Meets Constituents in Dist. #2

Ros Welcomes Discussion about Needed Changes

Roslynne Reed met with her Mason County Constituents Sunday afternoon, 2-19-11, in the Alderbrook golf course clubhouse. The friendly ambiance and cozy venue was conducive to any number of discussions on how to fix the corruption endemic in local politics.

Our Rugged Constitution and Bill of Rights

Attendees were impressed with Ms. Reed’s message of needed change, personal integrity, as well as independence from the kind of special interests and cronyism now sucking the life out of our community.

Warm fire, comfortable surroundings, warm friends

A cursory look at the Public Disclosure Commission’s data on the County official now holding this position (Tim Sheldon) reveals over 3/4th’s of his campaign contributors are literally corporations. Over 90% of his campaign contributions come from these special interest groups. Is it any wonder this official is so bold as to call constituents who disagree with his rapacious environmental/health policies ‘kooks’?

A Welcome Shelter in the Cool Moist Winter of a Mason County February

His coterie of public officials married to the graft embedded in the EDC (Economic Development Council), a private for profit corporation, includes Jay Hupp–a company who requests and receives huge sums of taxpayer dollars without oversight or accountability.

Institutions Created by the People to Serve Us

The same company’s minions then funnel some of that money (their salaries) back to the same officials who fed them from the public trough. Additional perks and kickbacks are polished in the form of including these very same officials on the EDC’s board of directors.

Grace and Integrity with a Purpose

Similarly, Tim Sheldon (not a native American) has been included on the board of directors of Island Enterprise, a Squaxin Island tribal for profit company that entered into a Faustian bargain with the man who virtually owns Mason County and its good old boy network of robber barons.

Explanation of the Basic Structure of Our Democracy

Like the old adage about General Motors, the incumbent believes what’s good for him is good for Mason County. While his wife professes a love for standing forests, he asserts a preference to see them horizontal. When a toxic eastern mega-corporation targeted Mason County for biomassacre, they found the incumbent had already welcomed them with open arms, greasing the skids in tandem with his boasting toady, Jay Hupp, by eliminating County height restrictions in order to allow for their massive smokestacks. The man we elected to serve residents, to protect the community, to preserve our quality of life nearly succeeded in turning Mason County into an environmental disaster akin to one of the levels so richly described in John Milton’s DANTE’S INFERNO.

Ros Charms Constituents

Belfair area residents and businesses are up in arms over the exorbitant sewer hookup fees recently imposed. The incumbent’s solution: Privatize the whole mess ASAP. Rather than fix the problem, he proposes auctioning it to the highest bidder and leaving locals at the mercy of…yep, you guessed it, another corporation! One sure to be responsive, once it has acquired this monopoly, to area residents, no doubt…one that has paid a substantial sum into EDC coffers because THAT is how business is done (if you want to do it at all) in Mason County. Resist that local tradition and watch your business model succumb to the regulatory hammer. EDC virtually advertises THEY are the means of greasing the regulatory gears of government.

Ross Gallagher

Something to Chew On

Discussion at Meal Time

Alderbrook's Wet Bar


Reasoned Camaraderie

Embracing the Issues and Voters

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