Schizoid Woman wants Open Marriage, Hiking Partner

A local mentally ill woman (w/schizo-affective disorder) clever enough to have bilked SS disability for over a decade under the pretext of being unemployable or unable to earn an income, feels so put upon by her older husband’s poor health, she’s publicly declared she wants an ‘open marriage’ and a ‘hiking partner’: Click HERE for full story.

Two weeks ago I told my husband I want an open marriage and he agreed to it. Ahhh freedom… I’ve really been resenting my husband starting smoking again and getting out of shape so he could not hike with me. My husband is a lot older than me and he smokes and he is very feeble from a smoking related illness. I’ve promised to stick it out and support him until he dies. He is very lucky to have such a dedicated and young wife and I deserve to have a hiking partner other than my dog.” [Woof!]

The Princess

This sweetheart is a little on the high maintenance side, though, and quite litigious. Click HERE for more on that. She characterized her last husband as being nothing but a ‘sperm donor’ and implicitly a slut because he has children by more than one woman, never mind the 2 fathers of her own 2 daughters. But she also wanted to increase his child support payments for being ‘care free’.

Be sure to check this hot little number’s history and read a few of her own Court affidavits before bidding…slightly used but guaranteed to make your life ‘interesting’!

1 Vedder, Shawnie
King Co Superior Ct 90-2-19990-8 10-03-1990
2 Vedder, Shawnie A
Kitsap Superior 98-2-00591-4 02-24-1998
3 Vedder, Shawnie Ann
Kitsap Superior 98-3-00438-5 04-15-1998
4 Vedder, Shawnie Ann
Kitsap District 99-001027 03-05-1999
5 Vedder, Shawnie Ann
Kitsap Superior 07-3-00180-3 02-07-2007
6 Vedder, Shawnie Ann
Mason District Court 10CV01404 12-10-2010

Or you can click HERE to do your own WA. court docket search.

Psych Ward Antipathy


Recently (6-16-12) the ‘unemployable/disabled’ Miss Piggy published the following complaint in her online journal documenting her taxpayer funded sojourns into the Olympics:

“Obama cut off my Pell grants. I’m way over the newly imposed limits [Gosh! This is only her 2nd bachelor’s degree at public expense.] and they are not grandfathering in anyone. So no more Pell grants for me. I got my degrees[s] while the getting was good. Tuition is also going up by 14% again this year. If this went into effect a year earlier, I would never have learned moss or fungi microscopy.”

Miss Piggy has been on the dole for over the last decade on the pretext that her mental condition is so disabling, she can’t support herself or find work–notwithstanding her ‘registered business’ (photographs), launching numerous forays into the deep woods and mountain peaks of the Olympics, and raising 2 children. (Averring her husband does little toward this end)

Perhaps tuition goes up at such a pace because the State can’t keep up with all the leeches bankrupting Social Security Disability entitlements…or ‘crazy’ like a fox, as they say.

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6 Responses to Schizoid Woman wants Open Marriage, Hiking Partner

  1. admin says:

    No one knows you’re a dog on the internet!

  2. Amicus Curia says:

    On 11-14-14 @ 10:29 am, Ms. Piggy (aka: Ms. Open Marriage advocate) posted the following screed on her mushroom/backpacking blog [courtesy of the state, all expenses paid]:

    “I spent the day exploring vigilante trails. I don’t want to reveal where these trails are, so I won’t say too much about them here. It’s great fun to have new trails to hike though! Especially trails that not too many people know about. I detest hiking in crowds.

    When I run into people on the trail it really alters my experience. Sometimes it’s okay, but often I catch myself running my conversation with them through my head over and over and then I lose touch with nature.

    If I can hike all day without seeing another person I can slip my cultural collar a bit. No matter that I am a woman, there is no misogyny to cope with when I am alone in the mountain, there is also no rape culture to deal with when I am alone in the mountains. The mountains soothe me, society riles me. I have PTSD, hiking alone with my dog is my therapy. [at public expense]

    Sometimes I hike with men but issues always come up, most of them unspoken. Many men think they have to be a know it all and they have to do all the talking. I tolerate that during a hike, but I secretly wish was hiking alone or hiking with a woman. I feel sorry for men who think they are expected to know everything, sexism hurts everyone.

    I don’t hate men, but I enjoy the freedom of not having one around when I am hiking. I had a man that I really enjoyed hiking with for a while, he was polite and kind and gentle. I felt so safe when I was with him, I even loved him. But that ended when he started expecting sex and then getting upset and feeling entitled when that did not happen. Then he started getting jealous of another men I hiked with while he hiked with other women all the time. He started sending me angry emails in the wee hours of the morning accusing me of all sorts of things. WTF? Dude, you don’t own me.

    There is another man that I hike with from time to time. He has never hit on me and has never given any indication that he will ever start hitting on me. Hopefully, he will never start hitting on me. I don’t hike with him very often because I fear that he will take it as a sign that I want more than just an off trail hiking partner.

    It’s starting to get cold, but the weather is nice and dry so I was able to stop and stay warm with my down jacket on. In the rain I don’t dare bring my down and am stuck with two bulky fleece layers that are not as warm as my one down jacket.

    I had my lunch at noon. My lunch was a hot meal and a hot tea. I’ve got a lot of backpacking food left over that I had prepared for the PCT but never got to use, so I will be eating a lot of hot lunches on the trail this winter. After lunch I explored for as long as I could. I did not really want to hike in the dark, so I turned back at about 2:30.

    This hike wiped me out so I had to take a second tea break on the way back even though I knew it meant I would probably be hiking out in the dark. But, I was fast, I made it out in record time. It helped that I was not hunting mushrooms. I saw some Matsutake, but I did not pick it since I already have a ton of it from my last trip to the Kitsap Peninsula.”

  3. Truly bizarre, that someone would want to hike without being expected to fuck someone. Why is this news?

  4. admin says:

    You’re right, Drew; it’s not news. It’s a public service announcement. Someone with common sense once said, “Make sure your girlfriends are sane.” That was good advice. Guys stupid enough to bite on this particular bait should know mental illness is self evident and getting laid is no bargain given the grief that comes with it. Beyond that, there’s a bit of bias here given that SSI is going broke precisely because of scams by capable people who can work but pretend they can’t, not because they cannot, but because they don’t WANT to–someone else (as here) will always take care of that. The grifter’s sense of entitlement reeks and is a classic example of corruption in the people over which Ben Franklin worried so much.

    • SSI is an interesting program, and I have met more than one person who used it as a guaranteed income system rather than as it was intended. Your denigration of this woman for taking advantage of it, while at the same time declaring her to be “crazy” is especially entertaining. Any performance art which can be carried off long enough to remain on SSI should qualify for an artist’s stipend, at least.

      When I was in college in the 1990’s I had a conservative professor whose tenure in the Nixon White House was cut short by his benefactor’s sloppy plumbers. This professor was teaching us about American Government, and to illustrate how hard it is to set policy, he told us about the unintended consequences of Ronald Reagan’s “Revolution.” Reagan’s impulse was to cut Social Security’s budget in his first term, but his administration did this without setting the terms of how Social Security would spend its budget. So SS just cut the most expensive non essential employees and costs – their attorneys. There was no one left to deny applicants to SSI who appealed their cases.

      SSI expanded in the early 1980’s because of a Reagan Budget Cut.

      Keep in mind, I am being told this in the early 1990’s by a man who believed Nixon to be innocent, maligned unfairly by a public unwilling to understand his intentions. Not Peter Bohmer or someone of his ideological bent.

      “Correcting the system’s flaws by restricting benefits can, for example, lead to a reaction of the sort that occurred between 1981 and 1984. By the time that Congress acted in 1980 in response to rising disability rolls, the disability incidence rate was already heading down. After the administration moved to implement the new law in an aggressive manner beginning in 1981, the system nearly fell apart, as governors ordered their state disability determination offices not to cut people from the rolls and administrative law judges and the courts reversed many of the policies of the Social Security Administration. The ultimate result was that more people, rather than less, entered the rolls.

      Similarly, the creation of important civil rights laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act has failed to have an immediate impact on the disability rolls. The ADA has not led to the substitution of jobs and independent living for cash disability benefits, despite the hopes of those who lobbied for the law’s creation.

      In the field of welfare, the SSI program, because policymakers failed to spot emerging trends, developed in ways unanticipated by its founders.” Edward D. Berkowitz George Washington University

      • Amicus Curia says:

        All good points, to be sure–however, even the developmentally disabled, the halt, and the lame who can work are expected/required to. Yes, this woman is ‘crazy’. She receives psychotropic medication and is under a doctors care. That does NOT mean, however, she can’t work. Her mental acuity has allowed her to complete and receive TWO bachelor degrees (@ TESC) at public expense. That takes discipline, showing up on time, and perseverance/dedication. It’s unconscionable that the public should be bilked simply because someone feels entitled and doesn’t WANT to work. This woman is far more capable of working than many who have no mental illness at all. She’s able to withstand the rigors/stress of planning & completing regular assaults on mountain peaks. She’s healthy as a horse and strong as an ox. Why should others risk the loss of their homes for an inability to meet property taxes so she (et ux) can go on permanent publicly funded sabbaticals? As to Reagan–he was toe jam and the most thoroughly despised president within living memory. People ask if Bush wouldn’t be a better candidate. But, Bush wouldn’t have been possible without Reagan. Reagan gave aid and comfort to an enemy of the U.S. (Iran) while running for office. (Hostages for promises of arms ONLY IF they waited to release the captives until AFTER the election) While Reagan vilified welfare recipients, his well connected pals were gutting HUD along with the Savings & Loan institutions across the country. His ‘American Hero’ (Ollie North) was subverting Congress by funding the Contras through drug sales courtesy (in part) of our guy, Noriega. Reagan approved the mining of a Nicaraguan harbor which was found to be illegal and an act of war by the Hague. “So what?” snorted officials in the Reagan administration. “How many divisions does the UN have?”

        Reagan should have been tried for treason. Many of his political cohorts should have been tried for high crimes and misdemeanors. He was just about the worst president of the 20th Century, yet his acolytes continue to worship him. No, ketchup is NOT a vegetable no matter “what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” And yes, people DO stand in soup line because the food is free although what Ed Meese meant by that pronouncement smacks of the ‘broken window theory’. There never were any “Cadillac welfare queens”, just a cynical invention of Reagan’s imagination. But, there is a welfare queen who drives a 4-wheel drive jeep and launches expeditions to various local mountain peaks (identifying/picking wild mushrooms along the way) pretending to be unable to work or support herself in order to beat the system and get the public to pay for her indolence. This has been going on for years. The mentally ill woman openly publishes details regarding her sojourns, rubbing the public’s nose in the incompetence of their own officials not guarding the hen house all the while. We may not be adequately funding education or public health care, but we don’t mind giving a dilettante a permanent public stipend to thumb her nose at the system. Crazy?–yeah, you bet. A lot of folks would like to be that crazy.

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