Shelton School Children’s Lead Exposure @ Port’s Gun Range

The MASON COUNTY SPORTMAN’S ASSOCIATION located on Port of Shelton property (a gun range) is on my mind due to the rumors they were too cheap to regularly change their air filtration or decontaminate the lead members and school children were exposed to while there. Is this true? Who has the lowdown on this?

Word has it that school children have exhibited symptoms (e.g. blurry vision) consistent with lead poisoning and members have been tested after being exposed to levels thousands of times the legal limit. If this is true, the Port, school that bussed the children there, and the Association had better have some deep pockets to pay the lawyers they’ll need in a class action lawsuit.

So what about it, folks? Who knows what and what is it? What was done to mitigate the lead contamination from all those rounds fired in that building? What are the test results of those afflicted?

Shelton Gun Range Hearing

Shelton High Closing Conference Review of Lead Contamination

Sampling Results Lead Contamination


Shelton Gun Range Air Flow Screening

Shelton Gun Range Lead Contamination Sampling Results

Shelton Gun Range Lead Contamination Sampling Summary Table

They most likely did not inform the parents right away because of how lead is absorbed in the body. Lead has a half life of about 36 days. In children, it will be longer. After the half life is over the remaining lead travels to deep tissues. After that it goes directly into the skeletal system. There it will remain for several years. If the children were tested right away it would of showed up in the blood. Parents thinking their kids are safe because lead was not detected is a fallacy. Children’s bones have to be checked.

12-19-11 @ 12:23pm Tel Msg left by Connie of Bill Schuffenhauer fame seeking lawsuit assistance

Dec 19, 2011, 12:23 PM

“Hi John, Connie of Bill Schuffenhauer fame.

John, I don’t know what’s happening with the several motions that you were gonna help Bill get ready and file, but he’s really getting (as a caring partners here), he’s really getting depressed–About, about the whole thing, and he’s been depressed for so many years because he couldn’t find anybody to help him. And, please give him a call and let him know one way or the other wether anything’s gonna be going forward with this.

I hate to see him like this, and here comes Christmas. And, Yeah. Okay. Thanks, John.”

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