Shelton Senior Citizen Robbed & Identity Stolen

Pat Carpenter is a long time Shelton resident recovering from knee surgery whose home @ 130 W. Pine St. was burglarized while she was gone celebrating the labor day weekend. The window to her home was pried open and her jewelry was stolen. The thief also stole her identity documents which led to the loss of $3,000 from her Shelton Bank of America account. After opening a different account there, it too was hit only days later. Certain evidence indicates a homeless person in the area may have been the perpetrator. An ongoing investigation continues.

Though Ms. Carpenter has been disappointed by the apparent lack of serious interest displayed by the bank, a number of leads are being pursued by local and federal law enforcement agencies. Anyone with information regarding this crime should contact the Shelton Police Dept.’s detective division (det. Chris Kostad: 360-432-5133) and/or the U.S. Postal Inspector’s office.

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